This Victoria Beckham-Approved Brand Created The Ideal Pre-Event Sheet Mask

Mask on.

Victoria Beckham in a hydrogel mask

A high-quality sheet mask can do more than just enrich skin — even taking three minutes to select a mask, unfold it from the packet, and smooth it across your face is like hitting the pause button on life. And if those precious moments of centering, grounding, me-time happening to come complete with skin-boosting benefits? That’s just all the better. Some of the most effective sheet masks out there are made of hydrogel, a slippery, grippy polymer designed to hold more moisture and hang on to facial contours for a hand-free (and mess-free) masking moment. The best hydrogel face masks can be loaded with all sorts of top-rated ingredients to treat a variety of skin care matters, be it run-of-the-mill moisture loss or more complex concerns like acne or advancing fine lines.

The only thing is, though, with the rise of hydrogel face mask production and virtually every brand out there (including many you’ve never even heard of) getting in on the action, how do you go about finding the most effective ones?

Below, TZR sorted through the best of the best hydrogel face masks available right now on Amazon for every skin care focus, need, and issue out there.

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Hydrating Hydrogel Mask

Pros: Deeply hydrating; accessible price point | Cons: Masks can be thin and flimsy so open with caution to avoid tearing

One Reviewer Said: “I rarely write skin care product reviews because so few really do what they market. However, this mask is fantastic. I have extremely dry skin. After I use this, I look like I spent $200 on a collagen facial. It’s not oily or greasy. Leaves your skin looking great and hydrated. I ordered two boxes to get me through the end of the year and then will subscribe. I’m using them 1-2 times a week.”

Luxury Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Fan-favorite Génifique formula; durable gel for easy application | Cons: More expensive

One Reviewer Said: “I LOVE these face masks. They're the best I've tried, and I've tried many. They are very refreshing and slimy and it's fabulous! They make my face glow all day and into the next day if I wear one before bed. The amount of product left over in the package is enough to cover your neck and chest. Amazing is an understatement.”

Soothing Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Calming for irritated skin; hydrating | Cons: Mask has multiple layers which can be tricky to apply; only available individually

One Reviewer Said: “I first tried this mask on a recommendation from my aesthetician and have been using it ever since. While it's too expensive for daily use as recommended on the package, I use it once a week for a hydrating boost. It leaves my skin hydrated without being oily, and gives my face such a glow. I used this before doing my wedding makeup and got so many compliments on my radiant skin. The smell is mild, clean, and fresh.”

Hydrogel Face Mask With Collagen

Pros: Plumping and tone-evening; suitable for sensitive skin | Cons: May not fully cover larger faces

One Reviewer Said: “Loveeee these masks, they are AMAZING! I have combination, problem skin and it helps my skin no matter the problem! If I have super dry skin, I use a mask or two and it’s back to normal. Has helped me with acne and discoloration.”

Retinol Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Retinol smooths fine lines; boosts glow | Cons: Sensitive skin should be cautious; be aware of sun exposure the next day

One Reviewer Said: “I feel like this is perfect for masks with products like retinol that you really want to have time to soak into your skin, not evaporate into the ether. Anyways, the day after using this mask my husband said, ‘Oh, you're looking really pretty today.’ I feel like the cooling hydrogel and the retinol made me wake up with a fantastic complexion.”

Hydrogel Face Mask Variety Pack

Pros: Variety pack for assorted issues | Cons: Have to mix the masks yourself;

One Reviewer Said: “This mask set is amazing! Well worth the money. It is a peel-off mask. just not as harsh as the others — it peels off softly and leaves your skin nice and cool. I love the different types and ease of use. I loved it so much that I ordered four more for Christmas gifts.”

Hydrogel Face Mask For Acne-Prone Skin

Pros: Green tea shrinks pores’ appearance; absorbs oil | Cons: Can be drying

One Reviewer Said: “This mask ‘sucks out’ everything in my pores. Even the things I couldn’t originally see on the surface! It's still gentle enough not to cause irritation or strip my skin and gives me the same glow as the white tea mask! This mask is definitely the winner in my book!”

Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Instant radiance and smoothing | Cons: Mask weight can feel a little heavy

One Reviewer Said: “The name speaks for itself: GLOW! And glow it did! After giving birth, my skin was dull and wasn’t as vibrant like it was when I was pregnant. So when I came across this product, it didn’t only answer my problem — it surpassed my expectations. It made my skin soft and looked refreshed even with my first use!”

Hydrogel Face Mask For Fine Lines

Pros: Multipack; non-messy; line-smoothing | Cons: May require multiple uses to see full results

One Reviewer Said: “This face mask is dry on one side and has sticky hydrogel on the other. When you stick the hydrogel side on your face it clings and contours to your face. It doesn’t slide down. Not only that, but when you take it off, it doesn’t leave any residue. This face mask made my skin feel hydrated, firm, and less puffy after I used it. It also feels very cooling and soothing when it’s on. These are one of the best sheet masks that I’ve used so far. It’s super convenient, relaxing, and it has nice results!”

Pre-Event Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Instant glow; adds moisture to aid makeup application | Cons: Pricy; can be a little slippery

One Reviewer Said: “The verdict is unanimous: IT'S A HIT. Yes, the silicone sheet is more difficult to put on than traditional paper but once I managed to get it stretched out on my face, I could immediately feel the serum working. It smells good and has a slight tingle that I normally don't feel with a sheet mask. They don't skimp on the serum either and there is PLENTY left over to rub into your lips, neck, décolletage, cuticles, or wherever! It makes your skin look instantly refreshed and glowing and your pores look smaller and softer. Treat yourself and buy this mask.”

K-Beauty Hydrogel Face Mask

Pros: Snail mucin seriously hydrates; several included per pack | Cons: Sheets can be thin and slippery, unfold with caution

One Reviewer Said: “These are one of the few sheet masks that I can fully recommend as more than a fun relaxation/pampering activity. Your face will be rejuvenated and if you are prone to very dry skin you'll see a hydration boost that lasts for a few days. One of the few skincare items I will continue to repurchase any time I run out of. 100% recommend.”