This Cult-Favorite Hydrating Serum Is A Must For Juicy Summer Skin

Don’t let the heat steal your glow.

Getty/ CoffeeAndMilk
Woman with serum on skin

If you haven’t taken stock of your skin care routine now that spring is almost over, consider this a call to open your bathroom cabinet and examine your products. Do you have a gentle cleanser to remove that layer of sweat and grime that is synonymous with the summer heat? How about a sunscreen that doesn’t pill under your makeup? And most importantly, is there a hydrating serum that gives you that gorgeous, dewy finish (and keeps your skin healthy and happy)? If not, listen up.

Adequate skin hydration is important for a whole host of reasons aside from just that glassy skin effect, namely plumping up fine lines, keeping acne and irritation at bay, and ensuring that your moisture barrier is able to flush out toxins and carry nutrients to the skin cells. In other words, every essential function of your skin requires that you keep it hydrated. So give your stratum corneum what it wants and needs by adding a hydrating serum to your lineup of summer skin care products.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — the beauty industry loves a serum almost as much as your skin does, so there are plenty of options to chose from. Check out seven of the best hydrating serums on the market right now, and don’t forget to add them into your summer skin care routine (after your cleanser, before your moisturizer and sunscreen).

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