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I Steal These Sneaky-Good Beauty Products From My Kids On The Regular

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Alison Syrett
alison syrett and daughter

Amongst the many things people don’t tell you about having babies: Not only will your schedule become so tight that you’ll barely have time to slap on moisturizer in the morning, but you’ll also struggle to find a moment to refill said moisturizer before it runs out. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found myself panic ordering a replacement for an empty (but essential) cream/serum/what-have-you from my phone in the bathroom before frantically surveying our cabinets for a backup. That’s when the baby skin care and hair products I use on my daughters start to look pretty enticing.

Luckily, the beauty selection for the under 10 set has really progressed since I was in the target demo. The way I, at least, remember it, ‘90s kids had basically three options: chemical strawberry-scented stuff, chemical candy-scented stuff, and Skin So Soft (who knows what that’s supposed to smell like). But now I could spend an entire afternoon sifting through luxuriant-sounding children’s body care, with all its hand-picked lavender-infused this and calming calendula oil that. Basically, the selection all seems to be safer and more soothing versions of adult products, often complete with cuter packaging and a lower price. Honestly, who doesn’t want in on that?

Ahead, I’ve gathered various lotions and potions meant for littles that I originally purchased for my own girls, but have since started “borrowing” for myself on a regular basis (and one that my toddler has co-opted from me). The only problem? Now I have to keep up on refilling those, too.

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Mini Bloom
Sunny Stick
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Sunscreen sticks are a game-changer! I started keeping this in my purse to slather all over my 3 year old at the park but use it just as often on myself... and pretty much anyone near me when we’re out in the sun. (Hey, moms are gonna mom.)