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The Beauty Treatments I Get Done To Prep For Fashion Week

My tried-and-true list of the best places to go and people to see.

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Kathy Lee
kathy lee fashion week

Twice a year, womenswear fashion week takes place in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. And twice a year, I visit my trusted beauty experts to prep me for the transatlantic marathon that spans runway shows, backstage interviews, late night events, and deadlines. Because once I’m on the ground and running, I have little to no time to consider my beauty regimen. So prep work is key, and going to reliable and skilled doctors, estheticians, and stylists is pivotal leading up to this time. I’ve done years of research, plus a fair share of trial and error, so I know what results to expect leading up to this busy time.

From resurfacing lasers and lymphatic massage to facials, I plan out my schedule at least two weeks in advance from the first event. And, as always, I begin with a visit to my dermatologist for a light laser depending on what my skin needs in that moment. Since redness, swelling, and scabbing could occur, I make sure that this is the first step I take and that my appointment is at least a week before a facial since the products I can use on my face post-laser may be limited. From thereon, I continue with treatments that last the longest to least, as fashion week is in reality fashion month and I’ll need these visits to hold me over for the duration.

Below, find every beauty treatment and exactly where I go and who I see to prep for fashion month in the order of visit.


Dr. David Kim, Idriss Dermatology, 212.612.1520

The relationship you have with your dermatologist is akin to the one you have with a family member, someone who gets you and how you want to present yourself to the world. Without a clear understanding between you and your doctor, your face could suffer for it. I instantly connected with Dr. David Kim, M.D., M.S, board-certified dermatologist at first visit. He was informative, straightforward, and patient, answering numerous questions about procedures and their effects along with the pros and cons that come with them. Most importantly, what they can and cannot achieve.

He never sways or pressures me into anything I am not 100% ready to do. I have yet to try injectables (almost there, but not quite!), but once I am ready, I know that Dr. Kim will guide and ease me into it.

For fashion month, I’ve gotten Clear and Brilliant to help with uneven skin tone, Vbeam for rosacea and broken capillaries, and Alex Trivantage lasers to lessen dark spots. You are a little red after these treatments and a little scabbing occurs on the targeted dark spots after the aforementioned Alex Trivantage, but nothing a little concealer or sheer foundation can’t cover. If you plan three months in advance and are looking for a treatment that helps with elasticity and loss of firmness, especially around the jaw area, I highly recommend Ultherapy, which I noticed improvements more so than Morpheus8. Don’t forget to bring a hat to cover your fresh skinned face post-treatment.


Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, Loews Hotel, 212.888.8888

The hairstylist who launched a 1,000-person-wait-list post-lockdown is in high demand for a reason. Once I came to experience it first hand, I understood why. With over 30 years in the business, Julien is a master with hair, calling leading ladies from Catherine Deneuve to Kate Moss his clients. He adeptly maneuvers his shears and methodically cuts away each strand, resulting in a style that falls into place in all the right places. But, before he takes a single cut, he takes time to study your facial features — from cheekbones, jaw, to hairline — along with hair texture and body frame. He takes all this into consideration during the one hour he dedicates to you before revealing what cut he believes will enhance your features. For me, it’s a combination of side curtain bags, subtle layers for volume, and a trim.


Miranda Sturce, 212.300.9879

I’m not going to lie, there is a part of me that wants to keep Miranda a secret. She’s the best, and for a number of reasons. First, her magical hands. The rhythmic movements and medium to hard pressure while massaging the areas where I hold the most stress from my face down to my chest feel absolutely divine. Second, she’s trained by a gua sha master and applies her learned technique in a massage she’s created that also combines lymphatic and Thai techniques. Not only is this extremely relaxing, but it increases circulation and clears the body of stagnation and accumulation of toxins. From the face she moves down to the back of the neck, to open up the meridians, and takes time with the gua sha to release the knots in the shoulders and chest. It’s pure bliss.

But, that’s not all. Her intuition and knowledge of the skin means she never over extracts or irritates the skin with peels or products that are too harsh. She customizes the treatment to what your skin needs that day, which for me typically involves the Hydrafacial, a suctioning wand that simultaneously cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin, plus a lineup of masks, toners, serums and creams, which are all Biolgique Recherche, my favorite skin care brand. My face is left rejuvenated, sculpted, and glowing for days.


Sania’s Brow Bar, 212.247.1129

I’ve gotten my brows shaped over the years, but they were done either too thin or too arched, or I saw no difference after multiple visits. So I gave up on getting them done and tweezed them myself, never achieving even brows. Fast forward to this past fall when I came across Sania and her work and thought I would give it another try. Good thing I did because she made a real difference. Sania only tweezes and trims, no wax or thread, and has the lightest touch to clean up and shape the brows to grow symmetrically over time. But it takes some patience, so don’t expect a miracle at first visit. But trust me, she’s worth seeing, over and over again.

Lymphatic Massage

Martine de Richeville, Saks Fifth Avenue, 929.855.9124

My first lymphatic massage was at Martine de Richeville’s pop-up location at the Caudalie Spa over 10 years ago. And there have been no other lymphatic massage like it since. The highly-trained therapists, now at the permanent location on the second floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, apply firm pressure and go over key areas of the body in a methodical progression. By stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system through these movements, the body releases excess fluids from the tissues, rids the body of toxins, and carries immune cells throughout the body. It is quite uncomfortable, OK painful, at times. But, a free-flowing lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining the immune system.

After one treatment you will notice immediate results. For me, the areas where there were the most water retention, such as stomach, arms, and thighs, were slimmer, and my upper thigh and rear with notably less cellulite. And, an added bonus, the skin on my face was glowing.

I go to Fatima, who I highly recommend, and the treatment is called Body Remodelage. It’s important to drink plenty of water thereafter to flush out the toxins, and avoid alcohol and high-sodium food. It is suggested to receive the treatment as a series for optimal results, and while the benefits are noticeable, it is quite a commitment, both on your wallet and your time. So, realistically, I would save up for a special event and visit the morning of or a few days before a trip where I’ll be wearing a swimsuit.

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