(Trial Run)

I Wanted Full, Feathery Brows Without Lamination & This Cult-Favorite Product Delivered

Would you expect anything less from Anastasia Beverly Hills?

Erika Veurink
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, our writer is reviewing the already cult-favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze.

The cultural conversation around eyebrows is constantly shifting. Are thin brows creeping back into style? Is everyone getting their brows tinted and not telling you? Does waxing your eyebrows suddenly feel vintage? But the one constant, at least for the past 25 years, is Anastasia Beverly Hills. Helmed by the matriarch of the full brow herself, Anastasia Soare has worked with countless celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kris Jenner-level) and formulated just as many iconic products. That’s why, when tasked with testing out her celebrated Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, I clearly said yes.

One’s eyebrow routine can prove to be quite personal, if only because of the way the routine repeats itself almost every morning. Fo myself, I’ve been using iterations of the same spoolie, brown eyebrow pencil, and clear gel for the past eight years. After my little sister introduced me to soap brows, I grew frustrated with the messiness of the process and the inevitable white cast.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze promised all the volume with none of the sticky residue. Plus, a year after its official launch, the product is still ABH’s highest seller. Keep reading to see how implementing the formula into my routine turned out.

Erika Veurink

My Brows In Their Natural State

Luckily, I’m young enough to have missed the razor-thin brows of the early ‘90s and 2000s. I was self-conscious of my full brows, sure, but too busy studying for a spelling test or playing basketball to do anything about it. Over the years, I’ve maintained an incredibly laissez faire approach to their maintenance. Here and there, if I remember, I’ll tweeze the edges and experiment with growth serum. My highest hope for this product was hold. The clear brow gel I’ve been loyal to for almost a decade is great, but depending on the brand, some formulas can flake or hold brows in place for only a couple of hours. I’m not in need of hairspray-level stay. I’m just looking for a little more structure than clear brow gel can offer.

Erika Veurink

Trying Out Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Opening ABH Brow Freeze, I was a touch intimidated by how to use the product. The crystal clear formula is fairly solid (not soft and gel-like) when you dip either the spoolie or spatula into the pot. After some research, aka scrolling TikTok (the Brow Freeze hashtag has 40M views), I felt confident enough to apply. The first step — scooping a small amount of product from the pot — was easy. Careful to screw the lid back on tightly (per warnings of it drying out otherwise), I scraped the product on the lid as a mini palette. From there, I ran the spoolie over the Brow Freeze until it was thoroughly coated — you can see a white-ish layer on the bristles.

After brushing my eyebrows up and out, I twisted my spoolie against the cap to load up between each brow, and I was thrilled to see instant fullness. I was nervous about the speed with which I was working, since multiple videos had warned about the solution drying quickly. Beyond that, I was taken with how clean the process was, from wiping the cap off and placing the components back into my beauty closet when I was done — no residual mess or fuss.

Brow Freeze can be used as a base layer for brows, with many users following up this initial application with additional brow products, like a pencil or powder, to fill in any remaining sparse spots (Soare recommends this technique as well). Since I’m partial to the feathered, natural look the product provided, I used a light hand and the Winky Lux Universal Eyebrow Pencil to fill in parts of the edges, keeping the rest untouched. After a full day of errands and dinner outdoors, I was shocked to see my brows just as voluminous as they were when I left that morning. Consider me a convert.

Erika Veurink

Is The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Worth The Price?

It’s hard to put a price on a product that could last for six months. It if was a vintage Saint Laurent jacket uncovered at a consignment shop, I’d break it down to cost per wear. But ABH is so much more than that. It’s somewhere between a professional lamination treatment and your natural brows on their very best behavior. It’s the kind of product I can imagine becoming loyal to for the eight years I was loyal to my other lackluster brow gel. For $23, it’s may be a touch more expensive than other clear brow products on the market, but not by much. And if Anastasia Beverly Hills has proven anything, it’s that it’ll always be the authority on bringing out the best in every brow.

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