5 Perfectly Imperfect Winter Hairstyles

Lucky for us, seriously disheveled, intentionally messy hair is totally on trend, a fact we’re relishing considering winter’s unforgiving elements that often leave our ‘dos—well—undone. Considering that imperfection is the new perfection, we’ve got 5 hairstyles that allow—if not encourage—flyaways, bumps and even a tangle or two. Use these ideas to look chic throughout the coldest season when wind, rain and snow wreak havoc on your hairstyle. Remember, a well-kept coif is so 2014.

Twist & Pin

For a quick fix, try a twisted updo. Start by taking a section of hair from behind your ear and twist it toward your scalp. Gradually add pieces as you go, securing each section with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side until the sections meet in the middle. Be sure it's not too smooth—small bumps and flyaways make this twist cool.

Photos: Vanessa Jackman

Crimp & Pull Back

You heard it here first: Crimping is back. To get a defined kink, add a touch of hairspray to the section of hair you're crimping. Just do a few pieces to add texture, then pull your hair back into a low ponytail.

Use Hair Accessories

A hint of bling is an easy way to dress up a messy bun or topknot. Add a pearl or rhinestone bobby pin to a 'do and voila, you're ready for a dinner date sans fuss.

Combine A Messy Bun & Braid

This style fluctuates between total mess and perfectly together. Combine two braids, making sure to leave a few flyaways to frame your face. Next, pull hair from under the braid to create a messy bun.

Pin It Up

We're giving you the green light to expose your bobby pins. That's right, no need to hide them to achieve this fun and edgy look—just keep adding them to your coif until all of your hair is up and out of your way. They actually add to the overall effect.