The Reason Why I Take A Bath *Every* Night During Winter

by Ruby Buddemeyer
A bathtub filled with white petals in a bathroom with large windows and a view of a big city

I wasn't always a bath person. I'd fill up the tub, sprinkle in some epsom salts, and wait (and eventually fail) to feel some sense of enlightenment. It wasn't until I truly perfected the art of the bath — heavenly scented candles, decadent bubble bath, and a dreamy curation of skincare products — that it became a part of my nightly routine. Yes, my recipe for the perfect bath is so good, I carve time out for it nightly. But if baths have never been in your self-care repertoire, it may be time to widen your scope this cold-weather season, especially considering there are plenty of luxurious bath products for dry skin.

That's right: Not only is my bath lineup designed to relax my mind, but it's loaded with products that soothe my perpetually dry skin. And it involves the best of both worlds: a budget-friendly oatmeal soak, as well as a rich, scented body oil.

I should also point out that an Instagram-able clawfoot tub isn't necessarily required, though one would be nice. I'm more concerned with what goes *in* my tub rather than what it looks like. See the products ahead.

As The Water's Running:

While I Soak:

As I Dry Off: