Jennifer Garner Breaks A Sweat Dancing With This Pro — And So Can You

Kathrin Ziegler/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner just might be the queen of wholesome content on Instagram. Between her culinary adventures (bagel bread, gingersnaps) and her chicken coop, you can always count on the star for something that will make you smile — and that includes the ways she stays active during quarantine. Garner's an admitted fan of dance-inspired fitness, and now you can partake in an at-home ballet workout with one of her favorite dancers.

If you're following Garner, you already know that she's a huge fan of ballet in general. She's also credited her impressive physical shape in the action film Peppermint to dance cardio sessions with Insta-famous trainer Simone De La Rue. That said, it should come as no surprise that one of Jen's favorite ways of getting physical while social distancing is squeezing in backyard dance parties with Tiler Peck, a principle dancer for the New York City Ballet.

Back in August, the two went viral after Garner posted their Grease-themed routine, and this week in celebration of Peck's birthday, the actor shared a clip of them dancing to Justin Timberlake in honor of the Peck's birthday — in front of the aforementioned chicken coop, just to make it even more adorable. And if you've had your spirit lifted by this kind of content, you'll be pleased to know that you, too, can move along with the dancer during her live Instagram workouts every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PST.

In her virtual "Turn it Out with Tiler" classes, Peck teaches some beginner-friendly balletic moves (as well as some advanced ones) that anyone can do from home — sometimes with the help of some equally gifted guests (for the holidays, one class included additional instruction from the Rockettes). If this sounds like the mix-up you're craving in your 2021 fitness routine, tune in ASAP, as it's (hopefully) only a matter of time before the dancer is back to being busy on stage.