The Honey Pot Company Just Launched A Wellness-Centered Podcast

Listen up!

by Natalia Lusinski
Courtesy of the Honey Pot Co.
Honey Potluck Podcast

You may already be familiar with The Honey Pot Company, the brand known for its plant-derived female wellness products. And now, the label is launching a wellness-centered podcast, The Honey Potluck, that debuts on June 26. It will spotlight all manner of hot topics surrounding sex, the vagina, and a whole lot more. Bea Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot Company, and Giovanna Alfieri, the label’s VP of marketing, will be the hosts at the helm.

It’s like being at a dinner party with people you’re interested in learning more about and by the end of the night are like family,” Dixon tells TZR in an email. “From sex positivity to society’s misconceptions of the vagina, the topics featured on this show will make waves in an inviting, inclusive, and real way that listeners are searching the podcast space for.” The founder explains that the program is launching with an already established audience of Honey Pot Company fans “pleading for a space like this, where they can listen, learn, and share together.”

Alfieri seconds this notion, adding that it’s important for people with vaginas to be aware of things like pH balance, sexual/vaginal health, intimacy issues, and so on. “The Honey Pot Company is actively fostering an inclusive and empowering space for all humans with vaginas, regardless of how they identify, to learn and grow on their vaginal wellness journeys,” she tells TZR in an email. “This started with our social content and continues now with The Honey Potluck podcast. By destigmatizing conversations surrounding the vagina — and normalizing the vaginal experiences we’ve been conditioned to perceive as ‘bad’ — our goal is to empower humans and make them feel more comfortable about the multitude of experiences one has when having a vagina.”

Courtesy of The Honey Pot Co.

Alfieri also notes that the vaginal care industry isn’t always wholly representative of humans with vaginas — or individualized experiences in totality. “Often, chronic vaginal experiences (i.e., bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections) can be reduced to basic assumptions and prejudices by the medical community — the person is sexually promiscuous, has poor hygiene, and so on,” she explains. “Additionally, to treat conditions such as these, it is simply not realistic for a human to be on antibiotics in perpetuity without compromising their holistic health. So we’re here to create products and conversations to ask and answer those questions.”

For example, the first episode of The Honey Potluck centers on pH balance — breaking down what it is, why it matters, and the nuances that impact it. The episode features Dr. Wendy Goodall-Macdonald, a board-certified OB-GYN, and Goddess Amina, a tantric sex expert and intimacy coach. “At The Honey Pot, we’ve had many internal conversations about what actually influences your pH and what can mess with it,” says Dixon. “What if a pH imbalance (outside of what’s expected) was actually about a misalignment — with a new partner, with the products you’re using, your diet, etc.? So we invited two phenomenal humans with contrasting points of view to have a conversation that blends science and spirituality.”

As for additional podcast guests, Dixon says they have an incredible lineup of people, including Ericka Hart, Janet Hardy, Zoe Ligon, Liz Eswein, and more, who are eager to share their advice, opinions, and expertise around the vagina and wellness. As for future podcast specifics, Alfieri says the programming is designed to be rolled out in installments, so each episode has between two to three installments — which means it’ll take three weeks for each episode to roll out in its entirety.

“We wanted to make these conversations bite-sized and easily insert ourselves into the lives of our listeners,” she says. “The intention is also to keep the dialogue and questions open, so that we can converse with our audience in a fluid way and respond to their curiosities on other channels.” Alfieri adds that she thinks people will want to listen to The Honey Potluck since it is inclusive of lived experiences, questions many often ponder, and, in many instances, answers those inquiries. “Our goal has always been to build off of human curiosity and be unapologetic in asking questions,” she says. “We hope people listen to get some of those questions they are hesitant to ask, answered.” As for where to listen, it’ll be available on all platforms, namely Apple podcasts and Spotify.