Halle Berry’s Go-To Workouts Are So Quarantine-Friendly


Halle Berry is no stranger to physically demanding roles — in her latest alone for the film Bruised, she underwent intense training to prepare for her part as an MMA fighter. So unsurprisingly, nutrition and fitness are an important part of her life, so much so that she started a digital content and commerce platform called rē•spin in 2020 dedicated to health and wellness. Through that as well as her Instagram, she regularly shares tips, tricks, and routines she loves — and yes, that includes Halle Berry's go-to workouts.

Since the 54-year-old actor takes a holistic approach to her health, she doesn't just stick to one kind of routine, however. To keep her staying strong and feeling good, Berry relies on a varied mixture of workouts in her everyday life that range from high-intensity to soothing and zen. And, luckily for those inspired by her health journey, many of her favorites can be done at home (especially since rē•spin offers some workouts on its site and sells her go-to equipment).

Feeling ready to switch up your quarantine routine and find a new way to sweat? Continue on for three of Berry's go-to types of workouts to help you continue (or start) your fitness journey, ahead.

Halle Berry's Go-To Workout: Bodyweight & Resistance Training

Though Berry's workouts aren't *always* intense, she does love a good strength session, and regularly posts about using resistance bands and bodyweight exercises in her routines (like the time she used her son to make her squats harder). She also demonstrates just how varied these types of workouts can be — Berry posts about everything from strengthening her arms to her glutes with these sorts of exercises, and frequently emphasizes how perfect resistance and bodyweight training is if you're stuck at home.

Halle Berry's Go-To Workout: Jumping Rope

Berry even said herself on Instagram that it's no secret she loves to make jumping rope part of her workout routine. She uses it as a way to get in some cardio and re-focus her energy on her body, and even makes it more difficult sometimes by adding in a weighted jumprope to strengthen her arms while working up a sweat.

Halle Berry's Go-To Workout: Yoga

Though many of her favorite workouts are intense, Berry makes sure to incorporate slower practices like yoga as well; in fact, the actor says it's a part of her daily routine. "Bringing that much-needed attention to my body with something like a yoga wheel helps manage my stress levels and releases the negative energy that can often take over when I feel overwhelmed," she wrote in an Instagram post.