Alo Moves' New Series Is Designed To Give You The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Here’s to a well-rested New Year.

Alo Moves
alo moves the art of sleep series

If getting more sleep is at the top of your New Year’s resolution list, consider it checked off. Alo Moves just released its latest series, The Art of Sleep, which is designed to help you better understand your natural sleeping patterns so you can create a healthier nightly ritual that works for you.

To curate its well-rounded class lineup, the wellness brand partnered with sleep specialist Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell, who has years of experience in helping clients — and herself — work through their sleep issues. Together Alo and Holliday-Bell developed courses that aim to debunk common sleep myths, enhance your sleep quality through a consistent bedtime routine, and — most importantly — help you stay asleep throughout the night.

“It is my mission and goal in life to bring healthy sleep to as many people as possible,” says Holliday-Bell about her collaboration with Alo Moves in a video posted on the brand’s site. “I knew I could reach a much broader audience and bring sleep to where people already are. So, for me, it was a no-brainer helping people sleep and helping people who are already on a mission to live happier, healthier lives. [The Art of Sleep] really aligns well with my goals and my mission.”

Alo Moves

Alo Moves’ new programing includes classes like Trouble Falling Asleep, which assists in creating an anti-anxiety nighttime schedule, The 20-Minute Power Nap, which makes a case for napping and demonstrates how to do it correctly, and Hack Your Bedroom For Better Sleep, which helps you design the most serene bedroom for a more restful environment. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Art Of Sleep consists of 10 snooze-focused courses, which average about three minutes in length, so you won’t need to dedicate too much time to your bedtime revamp.

Ready to get some much-needed beauty sleep? Find out how to get started at the Alo Moves website. Sweet dreams.