As A Restless Sleeper, I’ve Finally Perfected My Nighttime Routine

Good sleep, glowing skin — what else do you need?

Hannah Baxter on her nighttime routine for better sleep

I’ve always joked that I’m the only person in my family not blessed with the good sleeper gene. Insomnia will rear its ugly head on long plane rides, in cars, or frankly, even my own bed if the setting isn’t just right. And although it’s one of my favorite activities — and I’m decidedly not a morning person — I can never seem to doze off with ease, even when I’m thoroughly exhausted. But after 33 years, and almost a decade as a beauty editor, I’ve developed a quality nighttime routine to help assuage my anxious mind and ready my body for sleep.

Of course, a thorough skin care routine is essential given my profession, but I’ve also learned the benefits of a creating a calming environment to wind down from your day, especially in a wildly busy city like New York. This can pertain to what you wear, your bed linens, the investment you make in a mattress (arguably one of the bigger purchases you’ll make as an adult) and even the scents you fill your room with before your head hits the pillow.

So, if you’re also a troubled sleeper and you’re looking to make catching some zzz’s just a bit easier, keep reading for my go-to nighttime routine and the products I swear by for a blissful night’s sleep.

Hannah Baxter

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Turn Your Room Into An Oasis

For many people in big cities, your bedroom can often function as an office, a dining room, or the entirety of your closet if you’re not careful. I really try to keep my space tidy and free of clutter so that I don’t feel stressed as I get ready to sleep. Then I have a series of devices I need to keep the space feeling akin to a luxury spa, even if I’m still just on my block in Brooklyn.

Curate Your Bed

Obviously, the bed situation plays a huge role in how your night of sleep will go. We’ve all been at AirBnBs with a stiff mattress or on a friend’s couch that just... was the exact opposite of comfortable. I’ve upgraded every part of my bed over the last year until it feels like I’d rather sleep there than at any chic hotel in the world.

Boost Your Skin Moisture From Head To Toe

Your skin can lose a ton of moisture while you sleep if you’re not careful, so I always end my nighttime routine with plenty of creams and oils that are rich in emollients and occlusive ingredients. That way, when I finally wake up the next day, by complexion is dewy, radiant, and looking rested — hopefully with a solid 8+ hours of sleep to accompany it.