One Kings Lane Has A Bunch Of Amazing Vintage Chanel Bags On Sale Right Now


When you think about luxury fashion, one name likely rises above the rest: Chanel. The French brand is the epitome of timeless elegance — but it doesn't come cheap. Even Chanel's vintage wares cost a pretty penny, thanks to the limited quantities of each collection and worldwide brand recognition. The incredible lasting value (not to mention time-enduring style) of Chanel's bags makes them all the more prized, so any time there's a vintage Chanel sale, it's a can't-miss opportunity. And if you've been waiting on the right time to invest in one of Chanel's ever-chic handbags, One Kings Lane's sale is your chance.

While you may know One Kings Lane best for its beautiful home furnishings, both new and refurbished, the retailer's got itself a pretty ideal side-hustle. One Kings Lane actually has an enviable collection of vintage jewelry and accessories from high-fashion names like Givenchy, Gucci, and of course Chanel. So while you're perusing the site for the perfect spring 2019 decor for your home, pop over to the store's vintage accessory page to invest in some classic pieces for your closet.

And now is the perfect time to do so, because One Kings Lane has reduced the prices on its holdings of highly fashionable Chanel pieces by up to 15 percent — meaning you can score a timeless item or two at a more manageable price point.

If you haven't purchased anything from the popular French design house before, you're probably looking for something pretty classic that'll stand the test of time. And while all of Chanel's pieces are arguably ageless, One Kings Lane's offerings include some styles that are as practical as they are pretty — like this black patent flap bag. The vintage handbag, down from $3,499 to $3,149, is an incredibly versatile style with a classic silhouette, so you can wear it all day, everyday, with everything in your wardrobe.

You also can't go wrong with a classic shoulder bag, like Chanel's deep coral quilted leather version for $2,065, or a chic and contemporary-looking black suede camera bag for $2,519. Both are elegant enough to elevate even your most casual outfits, and will stay in style basically forever.

More unique Chanel bags are also up for grabs amongst One Kings Lane's collection — great news if you're looking for an investment piece that makes a statement. There's a green tweed crossbody bag from the early aughts that's as eye-catching as it is classic, and a chain-adorned denim shoulder bag that gives off a good dose of edge.

The beauty of Chanel is that its bags will likely never lose their worth. Thanks to the fashion house's keen eye, purses from years past are still just as stylish today (and equally as valuable), so it's a purchase you never have to regret. Keep scrolling for a selection of One Kings Lane's best vintage Chanel purses, below, and get your hands on one for less while you can.