5 Side-Hustle Ideas For Creative Women With Energy To Burn

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For many, self-care often comes in the form of a centering yoga session, meditation, or an indulgent spa day. For others, it materializes as a creative side hustle that keeps your brain stimulated and allows you to dig into a passion project — outside of your day job or 9-to-5. (Not for nothing, these extracurricular activities also allow for a little extra cash flow to come your way, which is never a bad thing.)

According to Lauren McGoodwin, founder and CEO of online employment resource Career Contessa, "Launching a side-hustle while working full-time is a great way to learn new skills, flex your creativity muscle, and expand your network." McGoodwin has made her own career out of helping other women be more savvy and decisive about theirs, so she's well-versed on the concept of creative ways to earn a living and leveraging your strengths and interests to benefit your career. In fact, her site offers lists of side hustle ideas, an online guide that teaches you how to launch them, and even a quiz to help you figure out which one is best for you.

Now, first you should determine how much time and energy you actually have to devote to a side hustle (as jobs and life can be demanding, and you need to live). The next step is sorting out which one you'll want to invest in and, more importantly, which one will fulfill and excite you rather than drain you.

McGoodwin advises that you start this process by first asking yourself what skills you already possess. She says, "If you're ready to try something new, start by considering how you like to spend your free time or what skills you need to acquire for your next career move. Then, identify a side-hustle that combines both of those things and get started!"

If that still leaves a lot to the imagination (in which case, good for you!), read ahead for five suggestions of gigs that can be conducive, lucrative, and fun for the creative working woman with some energy to burn.

Resell Clothing


If you have a knack for styling, organization, and an entrepreneurial spirit, to boot, put them to good use. With apps like thredUP, Poshmark, and Depop, you can make a little business for yourself, using clothing and goods you already own. If you're due for a good closet purge, this is a great way for you to clean house and earn extra income.

And, to really go the extra mile, reach out to friends and family and offer to clean out their closets and sell their unwanted wares, as well (for a small commission fee, of course). McGoodwin adds that by picking up this side hustle you'll "learn how to sell, create a great customer experience, and maybe even brush up on your creative writing and photo-taking skills if you're selling the clothes online." A total win-win-win.

Become A Local Tour Guide

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Are you a social butterfly with a heart for exploration and new experiences? For women who live in cities that attract a lot of tourism, becoming a local tour guide can be a great way to rediscover your city, meet new people, explore new and uncharted attractions, and earn a few extra bucks while you're at it. "Not only is it cool to know the 411 on your city but you never know who you'll meet (and impress) with your skills to be an engaging storytelling-guide," McGoodwin says. Sites like Shiroube and Vayable are made for exactly this purpose, so check them out if this gig sounds right for you.

Rent Out Your Place


Do you have an eye for home decor and love hostessing and creating unforgettable experiences for people? Listen up. For anyone who travels a lot or has extra space to offer, renting out your pad (or even just a room) on sites like Airbnb is a no-brainer — especially if you're a natural born hostess. This can allow you to sharpen your interior design and hospitality skills. As McGoodwin explains, "Management, organization, and creating an experience that allows a person to feel comfortable during their visit can win you bragging rights with their 5-star reviews."

Try Affiliate Marketing


Have a large social media following or an online platform to promote? Working with brands to promote products can benefit you both. Plus, as McGoodwin mentions, you can "learn the ins-and-outs of a newer digital marketing strategy" so you're also boosting your brand and making yourself more valuable in the process.

Pet Sitting

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Animal lovers will hardly feel like they're actually "working" by pet sitting part time. Services like Rover and Wag allow you to start walking pups or playing with cats for extra income. And, as Lauren points out, running around with furry friends can be bonus exercise in addition to how it benefits your bank account.