You Can Now Shop This Chic French Lingerie Brand At Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret

No one needs to tell you that the spotlight shining on Victoria's Secret is brighter than ever. Luckily for the brand, the Victoria's Secret Spring collection isn't afraid to show off. The first two waves of spring lingerie and loungewear styles launched Jan. 29 and Feb. 19, with more dropping March 12 and March 26. So what's in store for Victoria's Secret fans, and those curious about the brand's progress into 2019? Keep scrolling.

After January's lipstick print-covered, pre-Valentine's Day releases (which also included the new Bombshell Wild Flower perfume), the Feb. 19 collection drop is all about on-trend electric neons, spring staples like florals and pastels, and — surprisingly — comfort. Victoria's Secret's spring arrivals include new colors for the Perfect Shape Bra family, and some of the styles are very different than the satiny, lacy push-up bras that may come to mind when you think of Victoria's Secret.

Yes, the $54.95 Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Bra is technically a push-up bra. And yes, there is lace. However, the spring collection's colorful reach extends to the comfort-focused Perfect Shape Full Coverage Bra and $39.95 T-Shirt Perfect Shape Bra; an everyday bra available with wide straps. Thank you, VS designers.

Victoria's Secret notes that the key differences between the Perfect Shape Bra and the Perfect Shape Full Coverage style is that the latter is "lightly lined" and offers (of course) all-over coverage. Those are two small changes on paper, but both may make a world of difference for fuller-bust Victoria's Secret shoppers — who will be able to score the seasonal shades as the Perfect Shape Full Coverage Bra, too, like the peachy Neon Nectar Athena Lace colorway.

Victoria's Secret

Is your lingerie style more French girl than bombshell? You still have options. Victoria's Secret also paired up with the luxury French lingerie brand LIVY earlier in February — introducing the brand to its online store and select in-store locations — and the pieces are as Parisian as you'd expect. The sleek lingerie strikes a contrast with Victoria's Secret's "bombshell" aesthetic; just take a look at the Bengal Monowire Bodysuit. The $290 bodysuit's undeniably sexy (hello, deep V-neck and thong bottom), but a little more minimalist than you may be used to from Victoria's Secret.

But even fans of LIVY's subtle luxe vibe may need to wait until March. Victoria's Secret will be releasing luxurious floral pieces March 12 and 26 — like two-piece sets, robes, and satiny loungewear. Ahead, a sneak peek of those not-yet-released styles, plus pieces from Victoria's Secret Spring collection you can buy online now.