Victoria Beckham's Classic Makeup Look Is Easier To Achieve Than You Think


Victoria Beckham's Classic Makeup Look Is Easier To Achieve Than You Think

It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham is one of the most stylish women alive. Her namesake clothing line celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, and now the former Spice Girl is looking to expand into beauty in the fall. And if Beckham's own flawless beauty routine is any indication, the brand's new category will be an instant success. In addition to her chic style, the designer has quickly become known for her equally sleek and classic makeup look.

Yes, it seems Beckham practically wakes up with her signature smoky eye (lined to perfection), bronzed, glowing skin, sky-high cheekbones, and nude lips. The former pop star has practically patented the sultry beauty look, and has made several ventures to help others achieve it for themselves. In fact, she's launched two capsule collections in collaboration with Estée Lauder over the past two years. The capsules included the rich browns, jewel tones, and neutrals often seen on the designer's radiant complexion.

And if stocking up on every item in the collab is just not in the cards (or feasible price range for you), and you're not willing to wait until fall for her namesake beauty line to launch, you're in luck. You don’t have to stock up on much to emulate Posh Spice’s glamorous makeup looks. Ahead, the Zoe Report breaks down the few key products needed to get Beckham's signature glow, as seen on red carpets, date nights with hubby David, and days out with any of her four children.

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Lit-From-Within Glow

Skincare routines aside, the secret to getting a lit-from-within radiance is, that's right, a little liquid highlighter. No one knows this better than Beckham, who sports a dewy look every time she leaves the house. Her shine isn’t so intense that it’s unwearable for everyday. Rather, her skin simply looks healthy and hydrated — just like she’s just stepped out of a facial.

To emulate that finish yourself, apply liquid highlighter over your skincare and under your foundation. For a more intense look, mix a few drops of highlighter with your foundation. What you sacrifice in coverage you make up for in luminosity: The skin will look radiant all day long.

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Brown-Nude Lipstick

Beckham is no stranger to brown lipstick — she was a pop star in the '90s after all, the decade in which the shade truly reigned supreme. These days, her choice in the hue is a bit more subdued and on the nude side of the spectrum, as opposed to chocolate. In fact, Charlotte Tilbury named a color after Beckham that sums up the color quite nicely: a light nude with a brown twist, so that lips look healthy instead of washed out.

To copy her look, pick up any lip product that's a bit of a warm nude with some pink or peach undertones to it. Make sure to properly hydrate your lips to avoid drying out your lips.

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Natural Flush

Just like her highlighter, Beckham wants to keep her blush looking like she's hardly wearing any. While the exact products that Beckham uses are unknown, cream blushes offer a similar look without adding powdery texture to the skin. To keep things light with her dewy complexion, Beckham opts for cream blushes with a bit of luminosity in them to keep skin looking fresh.

Get the same flush start by applying blush at the apple of your cheek and blending up toward your cheekbone for a more natural look. Also, sweep whatever's leftover on your brush or fingers over your nose for a more sun-kissed edge.

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Gilded Smoky Eye

Beckham loves to finish off her glam with a simple, bronzed smoky eye. She takes the rich, gilded shade and smudges it around her entire eye, being careful not to buff it out too far off her lid. This leaves Beckham with a smoldering eye look that hardly takes any effort — all you need is one product.

The easiest way to achieve this same result is with a shadow pen or cream-based color. The creamy formula goes on precisely and efficiently, so all you need to do is smudge it out with a finger or brush along your upper and lower lash line.

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