Versed's New Multipurpose Toner Will Make Your Minimalist Dreams Come True

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Versed's new Baby Cheeks toner adheres to the minimalistic skincare trend
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Take it from South Korea: Minimalistic "skip-care" is the new 12-step regime. People are throwing out their hyper-specialized skincare products left and right in favor of simpler routines. The latest Swiss army knife serums are doubling as creams and oils and moisturizers and everything between. Versed's new Baby Cheeks toner has taken a page from the multipurpose book, too.

This time last year, you might have been organizing your bathroom sink. Inevitably, it was overflowing with a dozen different bottles promised by some K-Beauty brand to rescue your skin. Those days are gone — thank the beauty gods — and the year of low-maintenance skincare is here.

Products in 2020 will go by an array of names, like Versed's new Baby Cheeks toner, which can also play the role of a makeup remover, a cleanser, and a moisturizer. The blossoming clean beauty company is calling its latest creation an "all-in-one hydrating milk," a chameleon product that can be used as the first, last, or only step in your routine.

It dropped alongside another, more specialized toner, Weekend Glow, that adheres to the traditional sense of the word (after cleansing, before moisturizer, you know the drill). Both are available for $18 on Versed's website.


Prior to October 2019, the brand was sold exclusively at Target, then at Riley Rose, then at Urban Outfitters and Dermstore. You'd never guess that most products cost less than $20 judging by their chic aesthetic and sophisticated ingredients. Versed has made drugstore skincare extra cool and its latest effort to make products multipurpose proves that the brand is ahead of the trend, too.

Whereas Weekend Glow errs more toward a conventional toner — improving complexion and fading dark spots and post-breakout marks with its skin-brightening ingredients (azelaic acid, bearberry extract, and Vitamin C) — Baby Cheeks, alternatively, can also act as a stand-alone cleanser. Its bamboo extract and coconut water formula will leave your skin with a hydrated, velvety finish so you actually don't even need a moisturizer, either.

Whichever style of toner you prefer, you'd better stock up for winter. Cold, dry climates call for much more hydration than other times of year. Versed's new Baby Cheeks and Weekend Glow, ahead.

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