Verb Is Launching A Brass-Fighting Purple Hair Mask Just In Time For Sunny Days

Courtesy of Verb
Verb's new Purple Hair Mask will protect your blonde from going brassy this summer

They say blondes have more fun, but only when they're not battling those unwelcome-yet-inevitable yellowish, reddish, worst-of-all orangish undertones that always seem to turn up after a dye job. Such a faux pas will turn you into a hat girl in a heartbeat, but fabulous as your charming vintage cloche may be, it certainly isn't going to fix anything. You'll need a purple mask (say, the new one from Verb?) for that.

There is hardly a more distinctive or cringe-worthy tone on earth than the shade color-treated hair often turns after the toner wears off. For bright blondes, it's that awful canary-yellow shade, akin to a jar of Dijon mustard; for highlighted brunette hair, it sometimes carries a red-orange tint.

Purple-colored products counteract the brassiness, of course, which is why you'll find them in every blonde's shower come summertime, when sunshine and chlorine really wreak havoc on lightened hair. With warmer seasons upon us, it's time to start thinking about how you intend to keep your blonde, gray, or silver color vibrant.

Enter what Verb Founding Member Claire Moses calls the "do-it-all purple product," a mask two years in the making, available starting March 17. Like most of the brand's beloved products, it costs $18.

Courtesy of Verb

Moses told The Zoe Report that Verb tapped more than 6,000 blondes who work either in the brand offices or in its affiliate salons to perfect its purple formula, which started out as a standard shampoo, in fact.

"It turns out that in order to hit all the shades of blondes we wanted to target, we needed that factor of flexibility — a formula that you could leave on your hair," she says. Utilizing moisturizing açai extract, violet pigment, pro-Vitamin B5, and sunflower seed extract (which does double duty to provide sun protection and prevent color fading), the mask is full of hydrating, brightening, and toning ingredients, eschewing the customary acidic nasties that tend to dry out and damage strands.

Moses recommends using the Purple Hair Mask every four to six washes, after cleansing thoroughly and removing any buildup (ideally using Verb's Reset Clarifying Shampoo, she says). While it won't actually be available for another week, you can sign up for the waitlist to gain early access on VerbProducts.com.