This Lily Collins-Approved Trend Will Infuse Nature Into Your Space, Sans Actual Plants

Lily Collins
Lily Collins has posed in front of many floral and palm-print wallpapers

Plants have been touted as trendy decor items, stress reducers, and even productivity boosters in the home. But for those who can't keep them alive — or who just aren't really fans in general — it can sometimes feel like you're missing out on all the positives of this trend. That said, there are ways to work around it and still get those nature vibes in your home without having to take on an actual plant baby. One genius solution? Tropical-print wallpaper, the no-maintenance item with a celebrity stamp of approval.

Its latest endorsement comes courtesy of Lily Collins, who shared an Instagram photo of herself posing in front of banana leaf-printed wallpaper on Jan. 9. The image serves as immediate proof of the wall covering's power — stuck in a stark, white room behind her wintry outfit, the tropical pattern still manages to give the space a warm, sunny vibe. In fact, it feels as if the place is covered in plants, though there's not a real one in sight.

Though Collins makes no mention of whether this print is in her home or she just became an immediate fan after seeing it in another location, it's clear that the Emily in Paris star understands the power of a nature-inspired wallpaper in any space. Collins frequently posts selfies in front of other floral-clad walls in her house, including one with gray and pink flowers and another with a similar color scheme that features slightly more greenery.

And while you can surely infuse some nature via flower patterns, something with ample green hues will likely give you the closest effect to real plants. So if that's what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with a similar wallpaper to the most recent Collins-approved version — just look for one that features mostly leaves, like the tropical banana-leaf print in her photo.

There's no need to keep watching plants die in your space just to get a little greenery — as Collins' photo proves, all you need is the right wall covering to emulate the popular trend's look. Luckily, this particular wallpaper style is easy to find, but if you're not sure where to start, continue on for a few of The Zoe Report's picks below.

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