Tower 28 Just Added 2 More Colors To Its Constantly Sold-Out Lip Jelly Range

Tower 28/Instagram
Tower 28's ShineOn Lip Jelly just got two new shades: bold red and holographic clear.

Back in the day, were you amongst the dedicated lip gloss fans that didn't dare leave home without a tube (or three) in your tiny logo-bedecked baguette bag? Did you love the high-shine, mirror-like finish so fervently that you didn't care how sticky, gloopy, and gluey it made your lips feel? The gloss formulas from years ago, however adored, were definitely due for a full makeover — and that's where Tower 28's ShineOn Lip Jelly came in with the holy grail of modern gloss. Now, the several-time sellout lip product is expanding with even more shades to obsess over.

If you're not familiar with Tower 28, you're about to be. The whimsically packaged beauty brand, whose claim to fame is an ingredient list that's completely free of all known skin irritants so it's safe for even extra-sensitive skin, landed in a whopping 500 North American brick-and-mortar Sephora stores as of January 2020 after making a big splash on the beauty retailer's online shop. How big? When it launched on Sephora.com in September 2019 it sold out completely within ten days, and has continued to fly off digital shelves with several more sellouts since then.

Its ShineOn Lip Jelly glosses, in particular, have become fast favorites with Sephora shoppers thanks to the throwback formula that's reminiscent of the ultra-shiny, sheer color lip lacquers of the late '90s and early aughts — they've sold out ten times since the September Sephora launch. And with an actually-not-sticky feel and moisturizing, protective wear (via plant-based oils like apricot kernel, rosehip, and raspberry seed oil), these glosses are a major upgrade from your old tubes.

On Jan. 17, the $14 glosses got two new additions: A red called "Spicy" and a gold shimmer-infused clear named "Magic" expand the existing range to bring it to a total of six shades. Both give lips the same lacquer-like shine as the rest of the color collection; the red gloss delivers a wash of juicy pigment, while the shimmery shade shows up with a holographic appearance. If past performance is any indication these new colors will go fast, so grab 'em while they're fresh.

Can't wait 'til your next Sephora shopping trip to try Tower 28's brand-new gloss hues? Shop them from the retailer's online store below (but be quick, so you can click add to basket before they sell out).