Here’s When You’ll Be Able To Shop Touchland’s Sold-Out Hand Sanitizers Again

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Touchland's hand sanitizer is sold out but will be back in stock in late March
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If you're one who spends your coffee break scrolling through TikTok, then you're likely at least familiar with the hand sanitizer brand Touchland. Not long after its 2018 launch, these rainbow-colored spray bottles started getting millions of views on the social sharing platform. Then coronavirus hit, catapulting it into even higher demand.

Now, hand sanitizer is one of the most sought-after products on the planet and Touchland is faced not only with a depleted inventory, but also with 14,000-plus people wanting more. The brand has moved its production facilities closer to home to keep up with the demand, a representative confirmed with The Zoe Report on Fri., and it expects to begin sending out the new batch by late March.

Pandemics aside, though, the beauty community was already raving over this new revolutionary hand sanitizer range. Touchland is the brainchild of Andrea Lisbona, who sought out to curate a gentler, healthier formula back in 2010. When they hit the market in 2018, these Power Mists — nearly a decade in the making — turned the industry on its head.

Hand sanitizer "hadn't seen advancements in innovation for 20 years," Lisbona said in a recent Forbes interview, "only offering harsh, sticky formulas with a strong alcohol fragrance, leaving skin dry. We wanted to disrupt that and create a solution to make people's lives happier and healthier."

Before long, Touchland had amassed a beauty following thousands deep on TikTok. People have fallen for its sleek design (sort of resembling a fragrance bottle or, rather, an iPhone) and hydrating formula. Whereas drugstore types seem to dry hands out, Touchland uses aloe vera and essential oils to "make skin happy."

Before selling out on March 6, Touchland had been integrated into more than 1,000 Ulta stores. It sold 250,000 bottles of Power Mist in just a two-week period (a 1,100 percent increase from the month before). The brand now plans to restock its $12 hand sanitizer (meeting both vegan and cruelty-free credentials) on a weekly basis starting in late March.

Touchland's hand sanitizers come in about 20 different scents and colors, from forest berry and vanilla cinnamon to watermelon and citrus. Its mist-able bottle, reportedly good for 500 spritzes, is TSA-friendly, so when you get back to traveling, this will be your carry-on's best friend. You can join the lengthy waiting list, ahead.

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