Courtesy of Sexy Hair

This One Hair Product Is About To Be Your New Go-To


Here’s the deal: My entire life, I’ve had fine, limp, lifeless hair. Yes, it’s soft and silky, but volume and texture are not a part of my hair’s vocabulary. Blow-drying it just makes my baby hairs stand up, curls fall out within hours — even professional blow-outs don’t do the trick. I’ve spent hours scouring online hair boards trying to find some way to get my hair to do exactly what it didn’t want to.

Then I came across Sexy Hair’s Creme 2 Powder Play, a volumizer and texturizer that streamlines nearly every hair hack into a single, straightforward formula. What sets this texturizer apart from ones I’ve used in the past is that it provides volume from root to end rather than just at the top half of your head. The look is effortlessly piecey yet still voluminous throughout.

So does this cream formula literally transform into a powder? Not quite, but it does have much more of a powdery feel than a typical creamy hair product. It's a clever fusion of textures that ultimately gives you the lightweight volume of a powder with the touchable texture of a cream.

For my shoulder-length hair, all it takes is about a blueberry-sized amount of formula and my hands — no heat, styling, or special tools needed. Simply apply the formula to dry hair from roots to ends or specifically where you’re looking for texture. You can start small and build volume and texture with re-application. Just work the product through your hair, adding as you go, to get the look you want. You can even touch it up throughout the day. It really does deliver maximum style with minimal effort. With all the time saved not watching tutorials or wielding hot tools, what are you going to do with your piecey new hairstyle?

This post is sponsored by Sexy Hair.