Everything You Need For Your Fall Detox Is In This Box

A woman wears a bathrobe and towel over her hair while using a 10-day fall detox products.

Swapping out your summer "It Bag" for fall's trending mini-purse or carryall tote is so second-nature that no one thinks twice when you do it. The small switch refreshes your entire wardrobe, and wellness trends can work the same way. After all, how you take care of your body is just as important as what you dress it in. It only makes sense to consider a fall detox that refreshes, resets, and re-energizes you, and Sakara, known for their fresh and locally sourced organic nutrition program, has curated a 10-Day Reset that is made for that and more.

Using Sakara’s exclusive plant-based recipes along with eight best-sellers from the Sakara Clean Boutique, the 10-Day Reset has been designed to help you hydrate and remineralize your cells, cleanse your body of toxins, heal your gut, and inspire you to be your best self. According to co-founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, “This lifestyle doesn’t work if you don’t have love infused in everything you do—none of it matters and none of it will work. Love your food, love your body and love yourself along each step of the journey.”


Hydration is key during the 10-Day Reset, so you’ll start by waking up with a glass of Beauty Water. (The concentrate is made with organic rose water and silica to reduce bloat and give skin a healthy glow.) Then, a Daily Probiotic capsule can aid in digestion, boost immunity, and provide a little energy boost to get you through the day.


All of Sakara’s breakfast recipes include their Life Source Powder. It’s a clean, easy, delicious way to get the plant-based nutrition your body needs. With a serving of greens to detoxify and digestive enzymes to beat bloat, this powder is clinically proven to enhance skin texture and appearance in two weeks with daily use.


In the middle of your morning, have a cup of caffeine-free herbal Detox Tea to stimulate digestion before lunch.


Switch it up with Sakara’s plant-based Rainbow Summer Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce, or keep it classic with the Lemon & Kale Detox Caesar.

Late Afternoon

Got a snack craving? After having another cup of Detox tea, try one of Sakara’s best-selling Detox or Energy Bars to give you plant-based fuel for the rest of your day.


For dinner, make a new plant-based favorite like Pulled Butternut Squash Stew or have leftovers from a previous meal. (The plan shows you how to scale recipes, so you can have leftovers for a night you don’t want to cook.)


Wind down before bed with a Daily Probiotic Blend capsule and a glass of Detox Water — the latter contains an antioxidant-rich concentrate that works to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Want More?

Of course, if you find yourself wanting more of the Sakara lifestyle after (or even during) your 10-Day Detox, there's Sakara's Clean Boutique: your source for everything you need to upkeep your new lifestyle, including their award-winning Beauty Chocolates. These little indulgences are made to replenish your complexion from the inside out and are clinically proven to improve skin in two weeks.

And that’s the beauty of Sakara’s 10-Day Reset. While you might be just looking for a fall detox to mend the choices you made this summer, it’s actually more of a blueprint to changing your whole lifestyle for the better — and thankfully, not having to give up chocolate to do it.

This post is presented in partnership with Sakara.