The Genius Side Hustle You Can Do From Home


Given the current economy and cost of living, finding creative ways to earn additional income has become a common practice. Because of technological advancements, offering goods and services using little more than your smart phone or computer is easier than ever, which means that securing side hustles from home is not only simpler than you probably think, but is also a brilliant way to earn extra cash for bills, travel, or whatever else you're saving up for.

Even the most successful women have begun exploring side hustle options in recent years, and transitioning careers to something that's flexible and keeps them afloat is not only nothing to be ashamed of but just might enrich your life and keep you creatively fulfilled in a way you never thought possible. As a career coach and founder of Cake Publishing, Ashley Stahl has helped countless women (and men) become empowered in terms of employment, and figuring out flexible side gigs that suit their lifestyle has become a big part of that journey.

And if you've been contemplating using some of your free time to earn a little extra cash, your timing couldn't be better. "With websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and more, it's becoming more accessible than ever to start a side hustle," Stahl says. That said, it's important to hone in on your assets to help narrow your search. "Most people don't realize that who they are — their natural skill sets — are monetize-able assets that can change their life and their income," she adds.

If you need a little help getting started, Stahl has a few suggestions. Ahead, find three flexible part-time career options that will allow you to stay at home while you score extra income. What you spend it on — that's totally up to you.

Foreign Language Instructor

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One skill you're probably overlooking is right under your nose — literally: language. "Know that your native language is an asset and that there are plenty of people in the world who want to learn it," Stahl offers. "Put yourself up online — even on Craigslist — as a language teacher and see what happens."

House Sitting


Technically housesitting is working from home — just someone else's home. And that can have a ton of advantages. If you're house sitting in your city, you can stick to your usual schedule otherwise so you won't feel put out. And if you're someone who loves to care for plants and/or animals and stays neat and tidy — this one should come naturally. "Start putting it out there that you house sit, and watch the invites trickle in," Stahl says. "In fact, I had a friend who didn't pay rent for three years, just because she house sat so often!"



Great at writing? Put your talent to good use by ghostwriting. "I founded Cake Publishing, my ghostwriting and copywriting house, because I knew so many influencers who didn't have the space to post on Instagram, or whatever their social media channel was," Stahl says. That said, don't be afraid to use apps to your advantage. "There's nothing wrong with letting it go down in the DMs, messaging people of influence who may need a ghostwriter for their social media channels," she adds. So go ahead and reach out — it certainly couldn't hurt.