Turn Even The Smallest Outdoor Space Into A Respite With This Affordable Chair

The small outdoor space turned into a respite by easy patio upgrades.

So your vacation plans are on hold indefinitely, but what if you could transform your existing outdoor space — however teeny it may be — into a relaxing respite that feels totally removed from your living/working/pretty-much-everything indoor area? It's not as difficult or as expensive as you might think. Actually, with some easy patio upgrades, you can create a dreamy place to read a book, sip a cocktail or your morning coffee, or just get away for a moment.

These days everyone is doing what they can to make the stay-inside days a little more comfortable, more productive, and more inspirational. And with warmer weather on the horizon, your patio (or porch, or deck, or yard) can be a huge asset. With just a few thoughtful additions and some strategic arranging, yours can instantly transform into the most soothing space.

Take your seating for example. If you can't splurge on a new chair, bench, or ottoman, just sprucing up your existing pieces with some colorful cushions can create a huge impact. But if you can spend a few extra bucks on furniture pieces, consider a bistro set that gives you an al fresco option while working from home or having a homemade dinner. If space is limited, consider multi-purpose pieces, like a pouf that can pull double duty as an extra seat or a surface to serve snacks and drinks.

And don't forget about lighting to create a mood. LED string lights are so simple and add a ton of charm year-round. Need a little more of a glow while you're sipping cocktails with your quarantine buddy (or just solo)? Try an oversized lantern.

Plants can also make your patio feel more lush and lively. Give yours a little extra love by finding some cool new planters. Look for sculptural shapes or bright colors if your space could use a little extra pop. Short on square footage but still want to add some greenery? Consider wall-mounted or hanging plants.

With these ideas in mind, it's time to find the right piece for your patio. Ahead, find an assortment of stylish goods that can instantly turn your outdoor space into a staycation worthy spot.

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