I'm A Social Media Editor — And I Always See These Nail Polish Shades On Instagram


I’m disappointed to report that I haven’t become a master nail artist during quarantine, but I *have* been looking at a lot of manicured nails on Instagram. Between posting the top nail polish shades for #ManiMonday on TZR's Instagram page and eyeing inspiration for my own nail adventures, I have amassed a pretty big collection of saved images. While I'm definitely not an expert, I can confidently say that there are quite a few shades that pop up on my explore page over and over again.

Nail polish is a great way to experiment with new trends without making too much of a commitment. I can't count the amount of times I've fully painted my nails only to dislike the color and take it off immediately. It's also a much more affordable way to try out a new color trend (even though I'm definitely guilty of overspending on a trend every once in a while). Despite the fact that a lot of my beauty practices have been put on pause this year, I still can't help but give myself an at-home manicure whenever I need a mood-boost. If you've also taken up the art of painting your nails at home, or you're a sucker for a good nail pic, continue on for the shades that have been all over my feed.

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Top Nail Polish Shade: Essie Bikini So Teeny

While cornflower blue may be a shade typically reserved for warmer months, I've found myself needing happy colors on my nails this season. The cool tones in Essie's Bikini So Teeny make it the perfect winter polish.

Top Nail Polish Shade: ORLY Pine-ing For You

One of my favorite winter sights are pine trees covered in snow. Take away the snow and you have a vibrant forest green shade. ORLY's Pine-ing For You goes with just about everything in your wardrobe, so you won't have trouble matching this mani to your winter outfits.

Top Nail Polish Shade: J.Hannah Carob

Celebrities have been sporting chocolate brown nail polish all season long. J.Hannah's Carob is the coziest alternative to a classic black manicure.

Top Nail Polish Shade: Pear Nova One Piece Wonder

A bit unconventional for winter, but nothing was normal this year, so let's wear neons all year round. Pear Nova's One Piece Wonder is perfectly neon without looking too much like a highlighter.

Top Nail Polish Shade: Orosa Wildflower & JINsoon Matte Maker Top Coat

Matte red nails are the perfect alternative to the timeless red manicure. Try Orosa's Wildflower and use JINsoon's Matte Maker Top Coat to give it a more subtle finish.

Top Nail Polish Shade: Dior Orange Sienna & Givenchy Pourpre Edgy

The rainbow nail trend has been upgraded to contrasting colors, and I'm in love. Dior's Orange Sienna and Givenchy's Pourpre Edgy will help you achieve this look.

Top Nail Polish Shade: OPI Malaga Wine

OPI's Malaga Wine is a cold-weather classic that never disappoints. The *moment* I see the first leaf fall from a tree, I start craving deeper, warmer tones. This shade will never go out of style.

Top Nail Polish Shade: Côte Strenghtening Base & Top

This might be my favorite nail polish trend that has come out of quarantine: HEALTHY NAILS! I've spent the last few months really focussing on self-care, and nail care is so important. Make sure you give your nails a break every once in a while and use a strengthening polish like this one from Côte.