6 Easy, Summery Nail Art Designs To Try For National Nail Polish Day

The perfect summer mani is serious business. But this year, it's different. As many of us have basically become nail techs in our own right, we're diving head first into the most outrageous and vibrant manicure ideas with or without the help of a professional. That's why, the best June 2020 nail art designs are marked by lots of color, shape, and texture. From negative space nails to decals, there’s a lot to explore.

"Many people are experimenting with their nails right now, trying out new colors and DIY nail art," Jin Soon Choi, celebrity manicurist and founder of JINsoon nail salon and lacquer says. Think fruit-inspired nails, festive decals, and multi-colored manis. And Nadine Abramcyk, manicurist at Tenoverten nail salon in New York City agrees, citing that as cities begin to open, nail colors will reflect excitement. "People will be experimenting with more color on their nails post-quarantine as a way of fun self expression since we are all going to be so happy to be out and about," she says.

But in an effort to still keep maintenance to a minimum, the frequent desire to switch-up our nails will come with an uptick in a quarantine favorite: press-ons. "I anticipate that this summer we'll be seeing lots of press-ons!" Charlyne Muhammad, nail artist at Pear Nova studio in Chicago says. "They're here to stay. Quick, easy and endless design options!"

But before diving head-first into a summer mani, Choi stresses making sure that your nails are in optimal health. "Self-care includes your nails too, and ensuring your nails have necessary nutrients is important," she says. "Now is a great time to do a nail detox and give your nails a break from color polish, gel, and acrylics to help restore their overall health. I recommend using a nail treatment like JINsoon HyperRepair, I like to call this 'skincare for your nails.'"

So ahead, check out six festive nail designs that will get you excited for warmer weather and brighter hues.

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Nail Decals

"If you are new to nail art a great way to start is by using nail toppers," Choi says. "These add interest and a nail art element to any manicure with ease, some of my favorites are JINsoon Dotty, a colorful confetti in a multifaceted mélange, and JINsoon Fab, a multi-color dot pop speckle."

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Negative Space Speckles

While it may be the oldest trick in the books, dots are evolving, especially on nails. "Simply paint the base color on your nail and then put a little bit of the nail art accent color on a small piece of tin foil with the brush," Abamcyk says. "That will be your art palette if you will. Then take the toothpick and dip it into the freshly spilled polish to then apply to the nail in simple designs. I like a neutral base with a black dotted design in a straight line up the center of the nail but even use this to make flowers on the nail."

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Tape Shapes

When in doubt, just pull out some tape. "Using tape to create geometric shapes is a chic way to step up your home manicure game," Muhammad says. Pro tip: wait for paint to completely dry, then reposition tape for a layered look.

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Spilled Polish

While it may look complicated, it's anything but. To try at home, mix three to four colors, folding colors atop each other, and lightly dabbing on the nail.

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Fruit Basket Nails

What better way to commence summer than with fruit on your nails? For the painting experts, the look can be hand-painted, or if you're more of a novice, a simple sticker will do. Place in the middle of the nail, or off to the side for a "bitten out of" look.

June 2020 Nail Art Idea: Chopped Edges

There's really nothing to this ultra-chic look. Simply trail the nail in a small, straight line on one or both sides of the nail. The design will give the illusion of a thinner nail bed.