8 Stylish Ways To Decorate With Sky Blue, Etsy’s Color Of The Year

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There have been a lot of "It" colors over the past decade: millennial pink, Gen Z yellow, "slime" green...the list goes on and on. And while lately, it's been a toss up as to which hue is set to be the next go-to color of trendsetters, according to Etsy, the verdict is finally in. As told by its most recent year in review and trend prediction report, sky blue is trending big time — and it's only going to increase in popularity in 2021.

"After such a tumultuous year, shoppers are looking forward to bluer skies ahead," wrote Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's Trend Expert, in the report. "While there are still many hurdles to overcome, hope is on the horizon and there is a renewed sense of gratitude and connection to our communities. Etsy’s color of the year perfectly represents this, while offering tranquility and further connecting us to nature."

And according to Johnson, it's not just a trend that's on the horizon — shoppers have already been adding it to their closets and homes, resulting in a 39% increase in searches on Etsy for light or sky blue items in the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year. "I predict that enthusiasm will only continue to grow," she continued.

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That's no doubt heightened by the fact that it's ridiculously easy to incorporate into a space. "You can’t go wrong when adding sky blue pieces into your home — it’s incredibly versatile and complements a variety of other tones," Johnson tells TZR in an email. "Shoppers can incorporate this hue into decor accents like pillows, or make a statement with a sky blue wall or kitchen cabinets. One of my favorite ways to bring sky blue into a room is to pair it with other blue tones, like navy.”

Ready to use it in your own home? Continue scrolling for eight ways to use sky blue, ahead.

Sky Blue Trend: Try It On Your Floor

If you're really on board with this trend, take notes from Jenny Bohannon of the @tallwoodcountryhouse account, who painted a sky blue shade into the octagon pattern on the floors in her house.

Sky Blue Trend: Scatter It Around Your Table

Alternatively, you can temporarily infuse pops of the shade into your space by using it in your tablescape, like Kellie Brown did on her patio dining set.

Sky Blue Trend: Get Literal With Your Artwork

Like Johnson said, this trend is a great way to further connect with nature — especially if you get literal with it and feature imagery of the actual sky in your home, with pieces like Bianca Valle's beautiful blue painting.

Sky Blue Trend: Make It The Focal Point

With bold colors having a major moment right now, there's no reason to resist going all out with the sky blue trend. Invest in a beautiful piece like this sofa, and don't be afraid to pair it with equally bright hues for a fun effect.

Sky Blue Trend: Use It For Contrast

The consensus is in — gone are the days of all neutral everything. That means high contrast is the way to go, and what better way to achieve that than with sky blue paired with a shade that feels just as bright and happy, à la Harling Ross and her colorful apartment?

Sky Blue Trend: Try It All Over

Go monochrome with this trend by pairing trendy wallpaper with matching trim — it's the perfect way to achieve the "grandmillennial" look.

Sky Blue Trend: Make It The Background

Rather than scattering light blue accents around, make the color your foundation by choosing pieces like a bookshelf in the sweet shade.

Sky Blue Trend: Mix It With Darker Colors

You don't have to use all pastel everything just because you have a few sky blue items in your space — rather, copy Trine Kjær's dining space and pair the color with darker pieces, like her blue and green chairs, which come together for a combination that's cool, but not too precious.

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