This Unexpected Wallpaper Source Is An Interior Designer Favorite

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To the beginner, the world of wallpaper can seem vast, wild, and overwhelming. But even if it terrifies you, there's still a chance you're considering trying it in your home at the moment — as interior designer Martyn Laurence Bullard told Vogue earlier this year, “The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever." However, don't just jump into the process blindly — first, you'll want to start by finding the best places to buy wallpaper online to help you begin your journey on a high note.

But before you whip out your wallet and purchase the first print you love, bookmark the advice a few interior designers and experts shared with The Zoe Report.

First, don't let the removal process scare you away from testing the wallpaper waters. "I hear from a lot of people that have had bad experiences with wallpaper, but it usually stems from the removal of it and maybe that has turned them off for good," says Julia Marcum, CEO and co-founder of home project and renovation blog Chris Loves Julia. "But there’s no doubt that wallpaper is making a major comeback! It adds so much layer and interest to a room."

When it comes to buying, says Eneia White, the owner of Eneia White Interiors, you should always order more than you need. "Wallpaper is printed/created in batches, so if you run out, and need to order more — the colors might be off from the first printed batch," she tells TZR. "Better to pay a hint more for an additional roll or two!"

And if you're not sure how much you need, California-based interior designer Katie Monkhouse recommends using a wallpaper calculator (which she says you can just Google) and speaking with your installer before you order. "Some wallpaper comes untrimmed, by the yard versus the roll, pre-pasted, etc. so it's best to get an expert to weigh in on how much you need and if the type of paper is right for your application."

At the application stage, Kerry Vasquez, designer and owner of Kerry Vasquez Design, says that while you should buy what you love, practice moderation: "Most wallpapers are best when used as an accent wall," she says. "If you want to wallpaper the entire room, I recommend sticking to a smaller space like a powder room where you basically can't go too bold."

Now that you're ready to make your selections, continue on for five expert-approved wallpaper sources, ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online: Anthropologie


Who Recommends It: Vasquez, Marcum, and Monkhouse recommend Anthropologie as a great source to buy wallpaper.

Why It's Great: Vasquez loves Anthropologie's selection of wallpaper because, according to her, they have everything. "Choosing which wallpaper to buy can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are so many options and the sky's the limit!" she says. "Anthropologie does a great job of curating a ton of excellent options. So if you're looking for an awesome wallpaper but have no idea what direction to go in, I highly recommend checking them out!"

And Monkhouse agrees, saying that along with a huge selection and range of prices, "They also do some awesome designer collaborations and limited-run wallpapers that feel more elevated than most retail wallpaper sources."

Prints You Shouldn't Miss: Vasquez says she recently used Anthropologie's Canopy Creature Wallpaper in a powder room, which turned it into her favorite room in the house. Marcum loves the Meadowfield print, which she used in her daughter Greta's room. Monkhouse recently purchased Farrow & Ball Closet Stripe in pale powder, which she's a fan of because it features a "gorgeous painterly stripe that looks handmade."

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online: Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

Who Recommends It: Along with Anthropologie, Marcum says Chasing Paper is one of her go-to wallpaper sources.

Why It's Great: Marcum loves it because she says, like Anthropologie, it has a great mix of traditional and modern papers to choose from.

Prints You Shouldn't Miss: Marcum is a fan of the brand's Stripes Away print in Marigold, which she recently used in the playroom in her house. "I really like to pair these age-old, traditional, classic patterns next to rooms that might have a more organic or botanical paper," she says. "Like in the playroom hallway, we did stripes that lead into Greta’s floral wallpapered room. It layers so well!"

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online: Etsy


Who Recommends It: Megan Hopp, the founder and principal of Megan Hopp Design, recommends Etsy as a great source for buying wallpaper online.

Why It's Great: "There is no larger resource for wallpaper in a range of prices to suit all sorts of budgets and projects," says Hopp. "On Etsy you can find classic prints, vintage paper, and an endless number of small business shops specializing in all sorts of patterns and prints." Plus, she says, it's also a great source for temporary wallpaper if you're looking for something less permanent.

Prints You Shouldn't Miss: Hopp loves an abstract watercolor mural she found on Etsy, which she put on the wall behind a bed. "It was such a simple addition to the space but ended up being wildly dynamic — so much so I had another client ask for the exact same paper in her bedroom. It was incredibly affordable, yet looked completely custom."

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online: Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown

Who Recommends It: Kati Carter, the CEO and principal designer of K Carter Interiors, says Graham & Brown is a wallpaper resource she likes that's accessible to anyone.

Why It's Great: "The moment you land on their site, you’ll notice the quality of of their brand," she says. Plus, Carter explains, the retailer provides resources to make the process easier. "They have a Tips & Advice page that is super informative, they offer an awesome app that allows you to visualize wallpaper in your space, and they have a wide variety of beautiful selections."

Prints You Shouldn't Miss: Carter's favorite is a silken stria silver mist wallpaper, which she says is a "beautiful semi-plain design that creates a soft silken effect." Though that print is currently not available, the brand's Silk Silver Wallpaper offers a similar look.

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper Online: Rebecca Atwood

Who Recommends It: White and Monkhouse both say Rebecca Atwood is one of the brands they love to buy wallpaper from online.

Why It's Great: "I love the movement in their wallpapers!" says White. "No harsh angles, just soft, handmade patterns that feel highly artistic and personal."

Prints You Shouldn't Miss: White says she recently used Rebecca Atwood's Marble wallpaper in an office space.

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