Here's Why Sigma's New Makeup Brushes Are 100 Percent Waterproof

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Courtesy of Sigma
One brush from the Sigma x Jordan Liberty Master Artistry Collection.
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A show of hands — how many people have considered how water interacts with their makeup brushes before? Unless you're a makeup artist working with tools day in and day out, your hand's probably down. And that's exactly why Jordan Liberty's expertise helped shape the limited-edition Sigma x Jordan Liberty Master Artistry Collection. "To create this collection of artist tools, combining Sigma’s remarkable engineering with my decade-long career in the beauty industry, is a defining moment for me," noted the makeup artist in a press email.

Released on Mar. 3 via Sigma's website, the expansive $249 set includes 14 vegan, cruelty-free, and waterproof brushes — five face and body brushes, eight eye product brushes, and one Precision Angle brush (which can be used for brows or liner). Detail oriented, the collection offers specific brushes for tiny, often-ignored tasks, like blending out eyeliner and concealing along your nose. A travel-friendly brush cup is included, as well; it features a portable top lid that can be snapped onto the cup itself.

"Developing the Master Artistry Collection with Sigma has been a dream come true. At the apex of exceptional innovation, this collection extends much further than just the imprint of my name on a brush handle," Liberty continued. "Versatile design, patented technology and meticulous detail have been poured into each unique silhouette."

Courtesy of Sigma

On top of the two-year warranty thrown in by the beauty brand, the brushes' resilient, waterproof bodies allow you to clean them regularly and thoroughly, without worrying about how the liquids will affect the handles or antimicrobial fibers. According to an Instagram post by Liberty, "Moisture won’t break them down over time, so feel free to wash them liberally." (This means you can use all of the brushes for liquid, cream, or powder products, too.)

Courtesy of Sigma

One more reason to swap out your current brushes for the new lineup? $25 of each Sigma x Jordan Liberty Master Artistry Collection sold will go towards the AACR Foundation, which supports the American Association for Cancer Research — and where Liberty is an ambassador. Visit Sigma's website to pick up your own 14-piece set, or just keep on scrolling down.

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