10 September Nail Designs To Officially Commence Sweater Weather


Striking the perfect balance between minimalism and edginess can be particularly difficult when it comes to manicures. Finding something that can feed your desire for a bold pattern that steers clear of anything neon or filled with shimmer, having a knack for animal print but not wanting it to resemble a bad cartoon. We understand your pain, and the best September 2020 nail art designs channel that perfectly.

"We’ll be seeing a lot of nail inspo coming from avenues we haven't seen before," Rachel James, founder of Pear Nova Nail Salon and nail lacquer in Chicago, IL says. "Everyone loves to have something out of the box that no one else has, so bringing creative inspo pictures to your nail appointment is an easy way to obtain that. The opportunities are endless. I’ve seen music videos, clothing, jewelry, plants, food, and more transformed into art on nails." And while many people are continuing to lean into bright colors, the approach to more vampy colors for fall remains. "Judging by what our customers have been choosing for their manicures lately, we'll be seeing a lot of designs also created with muted, jewel toned and vampy colors," James says.

And according to Ashley Tran, founder of Verbena Parlor and Social House in Dallas, TX, anticipate an influx of nail designs that merge bright and deep hues. "Brushstrokes have been trending this year," she says. "We've seen a lot of summer colors with, say, black lines or shapes on top. It really sets off both colors."

Ahead, check out the nail trends that everyone will be swooning over, as seen in some of the chicest salons around the world.

September Nail Trends: Marble Trails

Seen in: Dallas & Chicago


Marble nails aren't particularly new. However, not everyone wants the crystal-resembling style adorning their entire nail bed. Instead, opt for small accents of the style for a look that's both simple and decorative. "These gel nails are made using monotone colors and strategic placement to highlight the flow and movement of the gel," Tran says.

September Nail Trends: Cow Print Nails

Seen in: New York City and Miami

Instagram/Vanity Projects

Whether it's with brown spots or black spots, the easy-to-recreate look can be all over the nail or trailing the top for a decorative twist on French tips.

September Nail Trends: Dried Nail Manis

Seen in: London


Taking floral manicures to new heights, nail lovers in London are adorning their fingers with real-life dried flowers plucked from the streets of England.

September Nail Trends: Mixed Mediums

Seen in: Dallas and New York City


If you're indecisive, be it color or pattern, this look is ideal. Choose five or more colors, and adorn each nail in a festive print. "There are two things you can use to aid in your home nail art," James says. "Tape for clean lines and old pens as dotting tools. Get creative and go for it."

September Nail Trends: Nails On Fire

Seen in: Paris


These nails are hot, literally. Starting at the tip of the nail and trailing down, this edgy look wows in any color combo.

September Nail Trends: Gold Wired Accents

Seen in: Chicago and New York City


The traditional rhinestones we're used to seeing on nails are being replaced with gold metal accents that have a more sophisticated appeal. Pick a neutral base and decorate with appliques as desired.

September Nail Trends: French Slices

Seen in: Dallas and Los Angeles


"The classic French manis are back in for 2020 but with a modern twist," Tran says. "This one is done with a slant and can be executed with any color."

September Nail Trends: Cherry Nails

Seen in: New York and Miami


Are cherries poised to be the fruit for fall? It seems so. The look is being seen everywhere in multiple sizes, styles, and shapes.

September Nail Designs: Nail Charms

Seen in: Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City


Nails deserve ornaments too. Application can either be with nail glue on the surface of the nail, or by a professional creating a small hole in a gel extension to loop the ring through.

September Nail Design: 5-Star Nails

Seen in: Paris and London


We all want to feel like star, so why not channel that energy through our nails? Whether you opt for just one star or multiple, the adorable design is appropriate for any occasion.