The Self-Care Skincare Routine That Gives Me Some Sense Of Normalcy

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Aemilia Madden
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In the almost-four weeks since my self-quarantine began, I haven't worn makeup. Not a single stitch. No lipstick, no mascara, and not even a swipe of eyeliner. For some people, applying makeup offers a sense of comfort or normalcy. Right now, the idea of it makes me feel sad and nostalgic. But that doesn't mean I'm not taking full advantage of this period when it comes to skincare. The self-care skincare routine I'm turning to right now makes my complexion look and feel clean, and lifts my spirits.

During the first week of quarantine, I spent many nights sitting up stressing. My days were riddled with anxiety over each ambulance that drove by my apartment, and my body mirrored the volcano of emotion churning inside. Suddenly, angry red pimples popped up on my chin and cheeks. Dark circles carved out my under-eyes like half saucers. My hands cracked and bled (dramatic, but true!) from over-washing.

Now that I've had a little time to sink into my reality, both my nerves and my skin have thankfully calmed down a bit. Jogs, Instagram yoga sessions with Sky Ting, sketching, and cooking have all been helpful outlets for my pent up energy. But, most important, a thoughtful and caring beauty routine has become my most important gift to myself.

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My personal routine starts with masking. After years of hoarding both sheet masks and the clay iterations, I've used this time at home to finally put them to good use. My personal favorite has been Lesse's bioactive face mask, which I keep in my fridge alongside my hot sauces. It's cooling and detoxifying without feeling too harsh on my skin.

Sticking to my usual skincare routine every morning and evening is a routine that brings me a sense of comfort. Sticking to the simple daily rituals of putting on my serums and face moisturizes keeps me feeling like I'll one day go back to a sort of normal, leaving the house to grab a coffee again.

Considering how often I've been washing my hands, keeping up with skincare beyond just my face is key. To help keep the rest of my skin looking moisturized and bright, I've been lathering on body lotion and hand cream. And now that I'm wearing shorts while lounging around the house, it's more obvious than ever that my legs need a little extra love, too. For my hands I keep Chanel's little egg-sized creme by my bed. For my body, I love the richness of Necessaire's scentless lotion.


And to deal with my stress, I've turned to topical and internal solutions. For immediate rescue from my crazy blemishes, I'm lucky to have Starface's stickers at hand. They may not solve my breakout outright, but they keep me from picking at pimples. For a more comprehensive solution, I've started taking CBD capsules in the morning to help quell my anxiety. I've been experiencing chest tightness, and while they may not be for everyone, the capsules have helped relieve my symptoms.

And in addition to spending more time reading, and writing in a gratitude journal (yes, I'm really leaning into all of this), I'm using simple pleasures like a luxe candle and skin-softening bath salts to help me slow down and treat myself well.

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