The Throwback Hair Trend That London Fashionistas Always Ask For

by Rhea Cartwright
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As one of the most cosmopolitan style capitals, you can always rely on London for hair trends. While Kate Moss’ tagline with Rimmel was to “get the London look”, in a city with so much diversity, the looks are truly endless. And despite the more conservative Royal hairstyles in shows like The Crown, London women are embracing a more casual, lived-in approach to their tresses.

Lockdown life in London meant hairdressers closed and street style became a thing of the past. But savvy Londoners asked for styles that stood the test of time. “We’ve seen demand for effortless, slightly undone styles that are very forgiving in terms of trips to the hairdressers and styling time,” Maria Galati, creative director at central-London salon, Taylor Taylor London, tells TZR.

After nearly a year of restrictions, London women are starting to adopt a new level of playfulness and fearlessness with their hair. Unsurprisingly, styles that embrace natural textures are the most highly requested, with a need for cuts that don’t require regimented appointments to look their best. With WFH-style much more casual than typical office looks, stacking up hair accessories has also grown as a way to look more polished and put-together on conference calls.

Keep reading to see what the experts are calling the top London hair trends of the Fall/Winter season.

London Hair Trend: The Fade

One upside of lockdown is the space and time for Black women to start their natural hair journeys. Taking their big chop one step further, many Londoners are shaving their heads. completely. A-list hairdresser Heather Dapaah says it's a bold look that requires minimum upkeep and maintenance — a bonus, since many salons are shutting down. "Away from the thoughts and judgements of their colleagues, my clients have enjoyed experimenting with shorter, edgier styles that demand attention," she says.

London Hair Trend: '70s Revival

Taylor Taylor London

Shag haircuts are having a revival, which nods to London’s rock and roll roots. The modern take is a '70s a vibe with softer edges, and Galati says popularity has risen as it’s a style that's easy to grow out. “Layered with a fringe is the key characteristic but there are many variations depending on length and whether opting for a blunt or choppy cut.” It’s also a style that works particularly well on wavy and curly hair. “A shag embraces and highlights the natural texture and volume of your hair.” Getting a shag Zoom-call ready is a breeze as a simple sea salt or texture spray is all you need to revive the look in the morning.

London Hair Trend: All Of The Accessories

Tort Ware

We may be living in loungewear, but Galati says piling on the hair accessories is a big hair trend. “Wearing bigger and bolder accessories to either make a statement or hide a growing out fringe is a clear trend that is emerging across hair styling,” she says. The general idea is to go for it and “bling in on." Whether securing a high pony with a long scarf, adding a fabric strip to a plait or layering jewelry around a loose chignon, Galati says to keep it bold. Tort Ware is the London-based hair accessory brand loved by everyone from Katie-Jane Hughes to Camille Charriere, with founder Mona Ghafoori saying the brand has seen an astounding 350% increase in sales during lockdown.

London Hair Trend: Sleek Ponytails

A ponytail might seem basic, but depending on the style, it can take you from the girl next door to glam queen in seconds. London gals are leaning on inspiration from British-icon Sporty Spice who led the trend in the '90s. Dapaah says it’s a really quick style that works on all hair textures, too. “Whether you have straight or textured hair, make sure to really slick hair back for a sleek finish," she suggests. "It’s a great protective hairstyle for natural hair, too, as adding a ponytail means your ends are nicely tucked away."

London Hair Trend: Lived-In Fringes

The UK was hooked on TV show Normal People, whose protagonist flaunted several fringe styles and undoubtedly led to so many people cutting their own bangs, to various degrees of success. Fringes are a great way to update your look without sacrificing length and it was inevitable that longer, face-framing cuts would become a top trend. Galati says the new-wave of bangs is a more classic, softer cut that blends into the rest of the hair.

London Hair Trend: Faux Locs 

“Faux locs are a huge trend now,” says Dapaah. “Locs are very low maintenance, super fun to play with and can be dressed up or down.” She said that once installed using the crochet method, they only need refreshing a couple of times a week with a mist of water and light leave-in conditioner for moisture. As a fresh alternative to braids, they are an incredibly protective style as the natural hair is completely covered by the faux hair. With lockdown and WFH-style an opportunity to experiment, playing with color for a bolder, creative edge is a big trend too. Team TZR recommend Boho Locs, a UK-based Black-owned brand that offers faux locs in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors.

London Hair Trend: All Out Glamor

Life has been anything but glamorous this year but that doesn't mean your hair has to miss out. Dapaah has seen clients wanting red-carpet wigs, even if clients are staying at home. "Why reserve the glam nights out? You can be whoever you want when you're wearing a full lace wig." With so unlimited colors, styles and lengths, the wig options are endless. Plus, it protects your real hair underneath from all tension and pulling of other hairstyles — so it’s a win-win situation.

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