6 Hacks For Combatting Frizzy Hair

by Stephanie Montes

You know those girls with sleek, perfectly tamed, shiny hair? That’s not us. Due to that unfortunate fact, we’ve tried every trick in the book (and some that aren’t in any book) to achieve frizz-free locks. Click through to discover hacks for making hair soft, smooth and generally envy inducing. Just because you weren’t born with perfect hair, doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Read and learn.

Frizz Free Is The Way To Be

Photo: Courtesy of Preen

Wear A T-Shirt (On Your Head)

If you are going to bed with wet hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and wrap it in a T-shirt. Cotton tees are more absorbent so they soak up more water, and because they aren’t textured they don’t leave your hair matted the way heavy towels do.

Cut It The Right Way

If your ends always seem frizzy, pay closer attention to how your stylist is cutting your tresses. If he or she uses a razor that isn’t sharp enough, it could tear your hair, leaving it damaged. Instead, opt for a more blunt cut via a good, old-fashioned pair of scissors.

Give Your Locks A Facial

Applying a mask once a week makes hair softer, smoother and less frizzy. Get the most out of a mask by covering it with a shower cap and letting it sit while you take a warm shower. The steam helps hair soak up the nutrients, leaving shiny, healthy looking locks.

Use Makeup Brushes

Flyaways are annoying but so is inhaling a huge cloud of hairspray. Next time you want to tame a crazy ’do, spritz hairspray on a fluffy blush brush and run it along the top of your hair. This settles it without looking (or feeling) like you’re wearing a ton of product.

Blast Hair With Cold Air

In the same way a setting spray seals makeup, a shot of cold air on your 'do keeps things in place. Immediately following a blowout, blast hair with a shot of cold air to make the style last all day long.