The Trend New York Insiders Are Splurging On This Fall


The fall foliage in Central Park. The Union Square farmers market. Day trips upstate spent apple picking. There are so many reasons that fall is the ideal time to be in New York. Fashion — the layering opportunities and notable NYFW looks included — is one worth mentioning too. This season, the fall trends stylish New Yorkers are investing in are a reflection of the ways that shopping has changed in 2020. "I think that if you're able to shop now supporting brands and e-comm sites is great, (they represent a lot of jobs for a lot of people), designers are also producing pieces that are meant to last in your wardrobe," Harpers Bazaar's fashion director Kerry Pieri tells TZR. "We may be calling them trends, but let's be honest, a cashmere one piece and tan trousers are forever."

Unsurprisingly, fashion insiders are gravitating towards comfort, while also finding ways to embrace their personal style. "Fashion in general has shifted to comfort and function above all else," influencer Kelly Augustine tells TZR. "We've been in this environment for a while, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of it changing any time soon so I think it's worth it for us to embrace it. 2020 doesn't look like any of us imagined it would, but we don't have to lose who we are in this process!" Whether it be funky sweats or luxe watches, below find what 11 fashion insiders are investing in this fall.

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Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Bright, Cozy Essentials

Teen Vogue's fashion and beauty editor Michelle Li is splurging on punchy colors and overly warm clothing. "This season is all about products that are going to keep me extra toasty," Li tells TZR. The editor is bracing for cold months ahead by finding ways to fight the gloom. "I think you'll be surprised with how many different ways you can wear these colors, like kelly greens, hot pinks, bright orange, and I love the way a mohair knit looks and can't wait to start working on styling legwarmers again — need to think beyond the ballet look!"

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Funky Loungewear

"This fall, I'm mostly focused on multi-functional, utilitarian fashion," Augustine tells TZR. She's particularly eager for clothing that's comfy, yet unique enough to wear on bike rides and running errands. "I'm really into funky sweats, cool tees and hoodies, and leggings that fit me perfectly in high-quality fabrics." The New Yorker is also carefully considering where she's buying from and giving her hard earned dollars to Black-owned and small businesses.

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Luxe Alternatives To Sweats

"Since it's become clear I don't want to wear jeans right now, I'm here for the trends that get creative with comfort clothing ... coordinating sweatsuits, cashmere one pieces, nap dresses, and baggy trousers to wear with t-shirts and classic knits," Pieri says. Shoe wise, a good lug-sole boot is a staple to pair with these items. "I went with the Bottega boots that feel like a new classic to me." And as an alternative to sweats, she purchased Maison Margiela's Pleat Tailored Trousers.

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: One-Of-A-Kind Items

Repeller's market editor Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin has a knack for knowing all the coolest products to hit the shelves (yes, it's her job). "I've been mostly shopping for one-of-a-kind items like re-worked vintage tees or jackets," she tells TZR. "I love JJ Vintage's re-worked Nike tees, DENIMICRATIC's new "Ugly Tees" turtlenecks and The Marcon Court Project's asymmetrical blazers specifically." She feels these trends are worth the price tags because they're special and no one else had them. "Plus they're from small brands lead by creatives you can have one-on-one conversations with over DM."

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: All Types Of Vests

Florist and influencer Ryan Norville is noticing vests having a big moment, from sweater iterations to suiting. "I love a vest moment because it’s an extra layer that’s great for warmth and styling, but also feels like an accessory at the same time," Norville tells TZR. "I feel like [the] vests trend [comes] in and out every five or so years, so never get rid of the ones you have.

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Fun Sweatshirts

"I’m as susceptible as the next person to the current wave of athleisure, so stylish minimal sweatshirts and tank tops are a must," Hannah Baxter, Coveteur's senior beauty editor, tells TZR. She's also utilizing accessories as an easy way to punch up a casual look including funky socks and silver jewelry. "I love [socks] with everything from a loafer to sneakers to a Birkenstock sandal (no shame)."

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Feel Good Items

Writer Harling Ross hasn't been keeping a close eye on trends, instead she's focusing on pieces that make her happy and will last a long time. "I'm not sure how much of this evolution derives from spending more time at home versus becoming more attuned to my style, but so far it's been really rewarding from both a personal and sustainability perspective to try and detangle my purchasing impulses from the fickleness of the traditional trend cycle," Ross tells TZR. Additionally, she's being conscious of what kinds of businesses she's supporting. If she's in search for something specific, she makes sure to do her research to see if she can find it from a vintage seller or small emerging label.

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Statement Jackets

"I've been seeing a lot of people posting really cute jackets, and I have my eye on like 10 different ones that I think would complete my closet," writer and influencer Jo Rosenthal tells TZR. The New Yorker thinks a winter coat is always worth investing in, because once it gets cold, it feels like it'll be cold forever. "I'd like to invest in a new puffy coat, maybe a Sandy Liang jacket or something cute from North Face," she says. "I can never get enough of how cute both brands are when it comes to winter jackets."

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Chic Shoes

A few fall trends influencer Coco Bassey is gravitating towards are earth and jewel tones, embellished fall loafers, and chunky boots. "These are classic trends that always make a comeback every fall, so I've been able to incorporate pieces I already own, along with a few new investments," Bassey tells TZR. "Also, as things are slowly and safely beginning to transition back to the outdoors, I think it's time to give our sweatpants and bedroom slippers a rest!" What's on her must-have list for fall? Bottega Veneta's Tire Boots (which have been in her shopping cart for three weeks now), and a teddy bear coat from Max Mara.

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Luxe Jewelry

Influencer Natalie Lim Suarez is on board with the arm party look, which she sees coming back in a more simplified, chic way. "I am a woman who loves a masculine and elegant watch, paired with a gold cuff and a few gold bangles," she tells TZR. Suarez thinks these jewels are worth investing in because you wear them every single day. "You can travel the world with them, go swimming in them, workout in them. I think your jewelry really becomes a part of you." She wears her Rolex Datejus daily, and is eyeing Cartier's Panthére De Cartier Watch. "These are pieces you keep forever and pass down to your kids."

Fall Trend New Yorkers Are Investing In: Durable Jackets

At the beginning of the season, Bianca Valle always invests in one jacket and wears it until she can't anymore. This fall, she'll be sporting a yellow Arc'teryx jacket non-stop. "I do not follow trends but rather invest in pieces that are forever and timeless," Valle says. "It is better for our wallets and the planet."