Insiders Say These Are The Emerging Decor Brands To Know In 2021

A Rum Fellow
A Rum Fellow is one of the emerging home decor brands to know for 2021

Even if you're not an expert in interiors, it's likely you already know about the trending design brands du jour. But what you may not be aware of is the emerging home decor brands — the labels that, while not necessarily new, are just on the cusp of being on everyone's tongue. It's understandable; it's not easy to know about up-and-coming names before everyone else.

However, we're guessing you're probably interested — after all, who doesn't like to be *that* person who always seems to know what's hot before their friends do? Because of that (and the fact that pretty much everyone could use something new to talk about these days), TZR reached out to various experts in the interior design field to get the scoop on which home decor brands you need to know in 2021.

And, spoiler alert: There are a lot. From cool candle labels to playful ceramics studios, the emerging brands interior designers shared with TZR ran the gamut. Some are new, some are old, some are classic, some are fresh, but one thing's for sure: They should all be on your radar immediately.

Ahead, experts spill the brands they're most excited about in the new year — and why you're about to be, too.

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Homesick

When it comes to the candle category, there are a lot of brands to choose from — well-known and emerging. But one that should definitely be on your radar this year is Homesick. That's according to Gabrielle Santiago, interior designer, Feng Shui expert, and founder of Gabrielle Santiago Design, who loves the brand because its candles are "uniquely cultivated and crafted to encapsulate an experience and location."

Santiago also appreciates how it's designed to bring back a familiar sensation we're missing. "This candle has been such an amazing gift to my clients and for those who are unable to make it hope for special occasions, especially during the pandemic," she continues.

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Blueprint Lighting

Michelle Lisac, interior designer and founder of Michelle Lisac Interior Design, says she's loving all the light fixtures from Blueprint Lighting at the moment. "They are not necessarily a new brand, but I recently discovered them and now I'm obsessed!"

From this brand, you'll find homemade light fixtures in a range of finishes and shades, with a modern, mid-century aesthetic. "Their lighting looks very luxe and expensive, but doesn't actually break the bank!" explains Lisac. Her personal favorite piece right now? The Multi-Focal Wall Light, a playful item that "emulates astrological patterns with its silhouette," according to the label's site.

Emerging Home Decor Brand: A Rum Fellow

Lisac is also a fan of A Rum Fellow, another brand she discovered this year that she says has "the most beautiful handwoven textiles and rugs!"

"A Rum Fellow creates the most amazing textiles in vibrant colors and fun patterns," Lisac continues. "Their exquisite fabrics are handmade by female artisans in Guatemala using their traditional looms." She especially loves the brand's Kaya Brocade Fabric, which she says she'd use in a built-in window seat along with Blueprint's Multi-Focal Wall Light.

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Ceraudo

Leonora Epstein, Hunker's Senior Director of Content, describes Ceraudo as a British-based design house specializing in some vintage items. But, what she's most obsessed with is its own line of textiles and furniture. "Think lots of cane and prints in brightly colored dots, gingham, and traditional florals." Currently, Epstein is lusting after the Aurora footstool, which she says "would look so snazzy with a vanity, or just as a multipurpose ottoman or side table."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Beau Rush Ceramics

Another brand Epstein has her eye on is Beau Rush Ceramics, which she explains is a fun independent ceramics studio headed by Brooklyn-based artist Cameron Bishop. "Her pastel dinner plates are perfectly imperfect (and great if you've been on the hunt for unique dinnerware none of your friends have)," she says.

If you're not sure what to buy first, though, Epstein does single out one piece in particular. "This Beau Rush lilac funfetti platter is the centerpiece my dining room table is missing," she shares. "You could also place this on a coffee table with a few trinkets for a punch of color in a living room."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Article

Whether Article's already on your radar or not, there's no denying it's on track to become a household name. Gala Magriñá, founder and principal of Gala Magriñá Design, agrees, telling TZR it's one of the brands she's most excited about right now.

"Article has a wonderful selection of modern, eclectic furniture, which is totally my style," she says. "Their pieces are very well priced for the quality and level of design. I particularly love a lot of their light, raw wood pieces that don’t have extra coatings or toxins." That includes the store's Tana Stool, which Magriñá says is one of her go-tos. "I love the simplicity of the light, raw wood and the simple geometric shape."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Holistic Habitat

Magriñá found Holistic Habitat through Instagram, and says it's right up her alley because its pieces are made from natural materials that still look modern and well-designed. Plus, the brand is at the forefront of current trends.

"Rafia and jute are really in right now and they have a bunch of fabulous pieces made of these materials," she explains. That said, Magriñá also gravitates toward a more simple piece from Holistic Habitat: the Striped Mango Wood Stool. "It is a perfect pop of warm wood texture with a striking black and white geometric pattern. The stool is small enough to fit in an entryway, where you can use it to drop your bag or sit and put your shoes on."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Jean Palmer Home

When it comes to rugs, Meghan Scott, interior designer of //3877, is looking to Jean Palmer Home. "She sources and curates incredible one-of-a kind antique and vintage rugs from all over the world," Scott tells TZR. "The inventory changes weekly, and there is always a variety of sizes and price points to select from."

What she loves most about the brand's collection, though, is the patterns and colors. "They are subdued and vibrant without being too colorful." But if you do decide to shop from Jean Palmer Home, beware: Scott says pieces tend to move quickly, so you'll want to sign up for early access.

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Stephen Kenn

Stephen Kenn is an L.A.-based design studio that Scott is also excited about right now. The brand specializes in "indoor and outdoor furniture, leather goods, and more recently — face masks," she says, all of which she is a fan of. "In Stephen’s furniture and leather goods, the forms are simple and straightforward, with exposed detailing showing the true craftsmanship that goes into making each piece by hand."

In particular, though, the brand's Inheritance Sofa stands out to her. "The design is simple but elegant, and the use of the vintage military canvas and exposed leather strapping highlights the honest craftsmanship," she says. "This is a piece of modern art that serves as a functional sofa."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: ARCA

Miami-based interior designer Allen Saunders tells TZR that a brand his firm is excited about in 2021 is one that just unveiled a new design center in his own city: ARCA. The brand, which he describes as an "international architectural specification source for stone slab materials, Italian tiles and wood flooring," features a meticulously curated product selection. "Spending time in the sufficiently sized Wynwood [Miami] warehouse showroom is an inspiration in itself," he says. "Hiking the stone slab forest maze, I have found myself mesmerized with infinite design options."

Emerging Home Decor Brand: Ornare

For Britto Charette founders Jay Britto and David Charette, the brand currently on their radar isn't new: It's been in the Miami Design District for 14 years, they tell TZR. That said, it doesn't make them any less excited about it. "Ornare is an incredible brand whose sole focus is on delivering luxury products," says Britto. "We design ultra-luxury interiors and rely on Ornare not only for its extraordinary kitchen and closet systems but also for the exceptional customer service and attention to detail that our clients expect.”