The Cozy Essentials TZR Editors Are Living In This Winter

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There's nothing like a good single-digit temperature to make me ditch the majority of my carefully-curated closet for a handful of warm, cozy pieces. It's not that my wardrobe isn't winter-friendly; it's just that, like many other people who hate winter, the best way I know how to deal with the cold is to wear ridiculously soft, loose clothing while I hole up in my home. I can't say that all of The Zoe Report's editors handle terrible weather the same way as me, but it's pretty obvious from the enthusiasm they show for their favorite cozy winter clothing that the rest of the TZR team definitely appreciates a good, warm piece as much as I do when it's frigid outside.

When it comes to the types of cozy pieces TZR editors rely on, the choices run the gamut. TZR's Managing Editor Lauren Caruso and I love a good sweater, while Senior West Coast Editor Angela Melero opts for a lighter romper (she does live in California, after all) and Beauty Editor Khalea Underwood lives in track pants. And though Associate Celeb Editor Ruby Buddemeyer and Senior Fashion Editor Aemilia also love knitwear, their real life-savers come in the form of a simple pair of socks.

Clearly, cozy essentials for winter involve more than just sweatshirts (though we love those, too), and TZR team's choices, ahead, give you all the more reason to stock your wardrobe with warm, comfy pieces of every kind.

Lauren Caruso, Managing Editor

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor

Ruby Buddemeyer, Associate Celeb Editor

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor