The Unexpected Lip Color That’s Getting Me Out Of My Mid-Winter Makeup Slump


It’s that time of year again: that pivotal point in the winter season when the glittery holiday makeup gets tucked away and I find myself in a bare-bones and aimless beauty slump of my own making. Yes, it’s always these first few weeks or so of the year that I find myself scrambling for fresh inspiration to breath new life into my winter makeup routine. Luckily, all it takes is a key product or two to get things on a trajectory path upward and, for me, that crucial item is a bright lip color.

See, I’ve been a longtime supporter of high-octane lipstick since my teen years and, over time, I’ve identified the key shades that work magic on my face and brighten things up instantly (literally). So, when my makeup routine starts to plateau, I simply reach for one of these trusty lip colors to turn things around and get some pep back in my step.

As it turns out, the tried-and-true neon shades in my arsenal also happen to align nicely with the beauty trends currently dominating the social media stratosphere at the moment. Take, for instance, cherry red lipstick — a favorite of mine. The look was all over the 2020 Golden Globes red carpet, complementing a multitude of ensembles and leading me to dive into my makeup bag for my go-to tube of the fruity festive shade.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another hue I’m turning to as I endure the last couple months of winter is not an actual shade. No, the holographic, diamond-like finish that’s being increasingly adopted by top brands like Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and Stellar is actually like wearing several lip colors in one. And while this trend may smack of New Year's Eve vibes, that's exactly why it's a comfort to me as I mourn the end of another festive season. Swiping some sparkle on my lips makes me feel like I'm still celebrating with my look.

To give you a better idea of my strategic beauty backup plan, ahead the five ultra-bright lip colors that are helping me beat the post-holiday blues (because they are so real).

Orangey-Red Lipstick

Of all the colors of the rainbow, a coral, orange-y red seems to complement my olive complexion the most. How do I know? Every time I wear the shade, I get waves of positive reinforcement that it is "so my color."

Cherry Red Lipstick

I'll never tire of a poppy, classic red lip against an otherwise clean complexion. It makes me feel so Old Hollywood, even when I'm in jeans and a t-shirt.

Raspberry Lipstick

As we inch closer to spring, I'm swapping my deep plum lip shades for lighter (yet still rich) purple-y reds. Berry hues feel fresh but still appropriate for winter.

Hot Pink Lipstick

Although some pinks tend to wash out my skin, I find a neon pink with blue undertones works well with my skin tone. To make the look extra fun, I apply a clear gloss over to give it a dewy finish that delivers throwback vibes.

Holographic Lipstick

These disco-ball-like lip colors allow me to hold onto the glittery holiday vibes I love so much.