6 Winter Makeup Trends Trends That Don't Include Red Lips Or Glitter Shadow

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Jaleesa Jaikaran
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While the rest of the year was seemingly marked by scaling back lifestyles, recent makeup trends, on the contrary, are marked by extravagance. Trying out new makeup methods and products are another way to entertain ourselves that don't include binging Netflix, baking, or Zooming, and in many ways, make us feel like a regular human again. The best winter makeup trends reinforce that belief, and in the process, are proving a great source of Instagram content.

"With masks becoming part of our reality this year, the focal point has been eyes," Jaleesa Jaikaran, celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Lion Babe and Madisin Rian, says. "There is a lot of emphasis on playing with different colors and shapes." But as it continues to get dark at what seems like 2 p.m. and a second round of lockups commence, the need for makeup is becoming even more crucial. "With our new lifestyle, I think makeup has been many people’s outlet and touch of normalcy," Ambreen Khwaja, editorial makeup artist says. "After going makeup-free for months during lockdown, so many of us are looking forward to experimenting with loud makeup again. We’re going to see more natural, beautiful skin and exciting, extravagant eyes. All the color and glitter will definitely be a pick me up during the gloomy winter months."

So treat yourself. Explore the makeup trends that will both lift your spirits and improve your makeup skills ahead.

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Winter Makeup Trends: Duochrome Shadows

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"If we’re all still wearing masks in 2021, you can expect lots of eye makeup trends," Khwaja says, "Duochrome eyeshadows are making a comeback, as well as glitter." For the best result, apply the metallic color on the eyes, and blend out in the crease with a nude shadow.

Winter Makeup Trends: Glass Skin

Instagram/Ambreen Khwaja

Incorporate liquid highlighters into your complexion routine this season. "I see skin veering to the natural, glowy side as skin care has been a major concern for many this year," Jakairan says. "Think glass skin and high-definition complexions."

Winter Makeup Trends: Smudge-Proof Pouts

Instagram/Ambreen Khwaja

"I’m seeing lip oils make a major wave this year with a lot of brands," Jaikaran says. "I expect to see a lot more longer wearing, smudge-proof lip products."

Winter Makeup Trends: Spidered Lashes

Instagram/Jaleesa Jaikaran

Khwaja anticipates that rather than full-wispy lashes, we'll be seeing a lot of what she describes as "spidery falsies." The more isolated look delivers more of a dramatic, disco feel.

Winter Makeup Trends: Hooded Liners

Instagram/Ambreen Khwaja

"I love playing up my hooded eyes with eyeliner," Jaikaran says of not having to skip the liner. "It's a fun way to possibly incorporate color and other designs in a simple yet imaginative way."

Winter Makeup Trends: "Winter Windswept Skin"

Instagram/Jaleesa Jaikaran

"More people are deciding to go makeup-free in an effort to achieve a beautiful, natural looking complexion," Khwaja says. "Think winter windswept skin, with natural blush tones and 'coming from within' glow."

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