7 Trends I'm Seeing On Every NYC Woman


For five or six months out of the year, I forget that there are trees in New York City. The moment crisp weather expunges every city tree of its leaves, the streets feel barren and gray. But, myself and every city resident lives for that moment when a walk down Lafayette elicits an exclamation of surprise at the appearing buds on the seemingly barren branches. That day is achingly close, and Manhattan residents are already road-testing exactly what they'll wear to celebrate. New York women are trying 2019's best spring trends and sharing their inspired ensembles online to serve as inspiration outside of the city too.

For those lucky enough to reside in a locale that doesn't suffer sub-zero temps (I'm looking at you Los Angeles), getting dressed in December and May are admittedly fairly similar. But, breaking out a transitional outfit in a neon hue or wild print is novel for those of us who have spent the last few months exclusively in neutral knitwear and jeans. So, what are those spring styles that NYC's coolest residents are already testing out for the coming months? Below find a selection of seven must-try trends to help you get a jump start on the season no matter where you drop your location pin.

Sweater And Skirt

Ok so it's not quite warm enough to put away your winter gear just yet, but a little strategic styling can help make tired pieces feel fresh. Style a cozy and colorful sweater with a breezy, printed midi skirt and your favorite white sneakers like Imani Randolph. The combination is laid back but still has polish.

Wild Tights

One easy way to break out your favorite lightweight dresses now is by styling a pair of tights underneath, as proven by Babba Rivera. But while in seasons passed, it would be a sleek black pair, I've found that logo tights and printed styles have be come the trend du jour.

Color Clashing

Power clashing may seem like an intimidating trend to try, but Lauren Eggertsen proves that the reality of styling unexpected colors together is that you can roll with just about any two hues you want. Since the point is to contrast your colors, you don't have to worry that your choices go together — the point is that they don't!

Square-Toe Sandals

A sleek, strappy, square-toe sandal is an easy choice if you're looking to add a dressier style to your wardrobe. While for daytime footwear, a chunky sport sandal has been the design debuted by everyone from Prada to Chanel, a '90s-inspired naked sandal (like Lauren Caruso's By Far slides) is best for anything that requires a bit of dressing up.

Mixed Prints

Similar to bringing on all the color at once, Kelly Brown's maximalist print-mixing is a New York favorite this season. Styling wildly different pieces together can prove a bit trickier, so the key here is to make sure you're aware of proportions and colors. If one print is oversized, try contrasting it with something a bit more subtle.

Baroque Dressing

The story goes that New Yorkers tend to wear a lot of black and a lot of no-fuss suiting, but the reality is that the city's residents are creative and romantic bunch. Though Alyssa Coscarelli's floaty white gown may seem more suited to the countryside, it's become a piece that offers women a slight bit of escapism through what they wear.

Not-So-Basic Blazer

While there's no need to wear a blazer dress sans top or pants, the sentiment is that blazers have gone above and beyond a sleek work staple. Cool details (like twisted material at the waist á la Christie Tyler) and bold hues make a revamped blazer a new closet staple.