Yes, I Spend $230 On Facial Moisturizer — & Here’s Why

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Courtesy of Anna Buckman
I found 10 luxury skincare products that actually help my dry skin
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I distinctly remember my first luxury skincare experience. I purchased an expensive face cream that I'd read about in multiple magazines, only to slather it on my face and promptly wake up the next day with my usual dry skin and a new breakout to boot. That was my first lesson on how a high price tag does not necessarily equal good results — and, unfortunately, not my last. However, as a beauty editor, I'm proud to say I have become more savvy in finding the best luxury skincare products that work for my dry skin, because, thankfully, there are some that are worth the splurge.

In my opinion, the best proof of this is Dr. Barbara Sturm's Face Cream Rich. Yes, it's $230 for a surprisingly small jar, but it's everything my dreams are made of and more. My quest for a moisturizer that helps my dry, flaky face has been long and arduous, but thanks to this ultra-hydrating savior, it's come to an end. Layered on top of La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense and Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum (hey, I still love a good drugstore find), this cream has totally eradicated my dry patches and blessed me with the hydrated skin I've always dreamed of — with nary a breakout or splotchy red patch in sight.

Courtesy of Anna Buckman

But even for me, it's too rich for daytime use. So, in the morning, I swap it out for La Solution 10 De Chanel, an $80 product that keeps me moisturized without inflaming my skin thanks to ingredients like squalene and silver needle tea. With a few spritzes of Tatcha's $48 Luminous Dewy Skin Mist on top, I'm able to leave the house with a bouncy, dewy face, even in the dead of winter.

Of course, these products are just the end of my routine — and just a few of the luxury beauty gems I've found that actually keep my flaky face in check. Ahead, 10 of the best (and yes, they really are worth the splurge).

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