How I Get My Dry Skin To Look Dewy Skin In The Winter


Until the year I started Accutane, I never had a dry skin day in my life. I didn't even really know what dry skin felt like or even meant — I was simply trying to keep the overproduction of oil from dripping off my face at all times. But the second I began my first round of the infamously-intense acne medication, my face changed from permanently slick to the Sahara desert, leaving me searching high and low for a dry skin facial moisturizer that wouldn't leave me flaky or red.

Since then, I've tried every hydrating product I could get my hands on — and sadly, most of them did virtually nothing, or turned my sensitive face beet-red on contact. In fact, it took me approximately 10 years and many failed attempts to find anything that actually has an impact on the dryness of my face without inflaming it, especially when the weather gets cold.

Now, when implemented into my nightly routine of toner, essence, moisturizer, and face oil, I've found that a select few products actually do what they promise. And while I haven't found anything that helps with the redness in my skin, the 10 moisturizers ahead work wonders on my flaky face without inflaming my sensitive skin — which at this point, kind of feels like a miracle to me.

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