These Are The It-Shoes For All Your Holiday Parties

Holiday Shoes

A holiday season without party shoes is like a Christmas tree without ornaments — it just feels unfestive. The footwear you choose to prance around in as you make your way from party to party through Dec. 31 is actually quite important. They're not just practical, your holiday shoes for 2019 are the necessary finishing touch for your celebratory winter ensembles. But if you have yet to solidify your glitzy pair of choice, rest assured it's not too late. With most of the month still ahead of you, and a calendar most likely filled to the brim with after-work drinks, dinner parties, and weekend get-togethers — not to mention New Year's Eve — it's prime time to add a little par-tay to your footwear collection.

Before clicking purchase on the sparkly shoes that have been waiting in your cart, take a moment to consider a few key pillars of great party shoes first. Color scheme, texture, and unique embellishments are all important details to consider if you want to ensure that your footwear safely fits the celebratory dress code. Also, remember that you may (and hopefully will) end up dancing, so avoid styles you're not sure you'll successfully be able to bust a move in. Ahead, a roundup of your ideal holiday shoes for 2019 and outfit ideas to style them with.

Metallic Boots

If the idea of wearing glittery heels doesn't leave you particularly enthused, fret not — something metallic and close-toed will still leave you looking festive and fancy. Slick silver or gold pairs well with a practical look, so try a chunky knit and black bottoms, like the ensemble above.

If strappy, metallic heels are up your alley, try styling with a matching metallic skirt. The double-dose of shine is always a safe bet for a successful holiday party look.

If you're wearing a glitzy dress to a holiday gala or New Year's Eve party, the easiest footwear option to pair it with is — you guessed it — metallic heels. A simple strappy silhouette should do the trick. And if it's going to be chilly, style with a pair of white tights or a lacy pair with a subtle logo.

Since most everyone is still working this month, infuse your office outfit with a touch of holiday spirit by accessorizing a blazer and slacks with a pair of gold metallic block heels.

Shoes With Sparkle

Walking around feeling like you've got a cute trinket or bauble on your shoes is highly recommended this time of year — ornament yourself. Whether it's a rhinestone-encrusted brooch on the toe or an architectural heel, something that looks like it's fun to touch is a great way to go.

Look for pumps and mules with a crystal or pearl-bedecked brooch placed on the toe. They're sophisticated, but don't feel stuffy, ideal for an evening out somewhere fancy.

Strappy sandals with a glittery texture are a holiday MVP. Wear with everything from festive dresses to an oversize knit and your favorite blue jeans.

Jazz up a little black dress with a pair of sequin or rhinestone-embellished pumps in an unexpectedly bright hue.

Heels With Luxe Textures

Okay, so you've taken inventory of your sequin and metallic options, but what else is worthy of being deemed a holiday shoe? Think about texture. Sheer materials, velvet, and even satin are all solid options that translate well to festive occasions.

If you dare, a pair of feathery or furry heels is probably the most festive holiday shoe of them all. Style with a glittery dress for a one-two punch of a celebratory look.

The season wouldn't be complete without a touch of velvet in your wardrobe — make it a pair of shoes. Flats are ideal for dressing up a daytime ensemble, while pumps feel just right for drinks.

It's hard not to feel polished in a pair of sleek satin booties. Style yours with leather separates for an outfit that's polished without feeling prim.