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I've spent the last month almost entirely in some iteration of sweats. In fact, I can point out the lone day I put my jeans back on. But having made it through my first four weeks of quarantine at home alone, I've found my mood shifting, and so too what I want to wear is beginning to change. As the first wave of shock and anxiety has begun to transition to an itchy restlessness, the comfort of pajamas every day is starting to fade slightly in appeal. As I'm curating April's best fashion purchases, I'm acutely aware of that fact. I'm still thinking about cozy separates, but am in need of a bit more variety and color to liven things up.

As April begins, you can palpably feel New York City's weather shifting. Finally the Magnolia and cherry trees have pivoted: their once seemingly lifeless brown limbs are now weighed down by vibrant pink and white blossoms. The days are lasting longer, and the sun is shining stronger on the quiet sidewalks and fire escapes (I've stuck a dining chair out on mine to create my own makeshift balcony). So, this month I'm seeking out clothing that fits a shifting set of needs — bold colors, fun patterns, and a bit more bare arms and legs. And while I'm not giving up on cozy pieces altogether, I'm trying get creative about how I mix and match them.

Each week I'll be back with five new items to add to your cart that I'm shopping for at the moment.

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