3 Outfit Rules I Follow While I'm Working From Home

If you, like me, have made the recent shift to working from home, you're also likely still adjusting to the new reality of video conferences, constant snacking, and nervous pacing in small 10-foot laps. I feel privileged that I'm able to execute daily functions from my apartment, but spending time alone in 400 square feet takes adjusting. I find myself oscillating between two extremes as I try to comfortably and productively navigate my newfound reality and establish a work from home dress code. There's the one version of me that stumbles out of bed, splashes water on her face, throws on leggings and a t-shirt, and jumps back under my comforter to answer emails. The alternative Aemilia does her best work when she wakes up early, does a full skincare routine and puts on an outdoor outfit — something I might actually wear to work if I still had meetings and was commuting into the office like usual. When there's no one to impress and no activity to plan for (besides a group Zoom Conference at noon), does what I wear even matter?

I've been playing around with my WFH style: levels of undress, erm underdress? since returning from fashion week in Milan mid-February. The bottom line: There is no single "best" way to dress, work, or write. Personally, creating routines and holding myself to certain requirements helps productivity — this includes caring for my skin, preparing nourishing meals (instead of just snacking), and finding times to stretch and move when necessary. But I'm also allowing myself the freedom to explore what I want to wear. Some days, I stay in sweats. Other days, dressing up just for me helps me channel my productivity. Below, I'm sharing a few of the ways I'm finding joy in dressing right now. Because, for the time being, finding the little comforts can make all the difference.

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Working From Home: Some Days Are Going To Be About Comfort

I've been working on reminding myself that being comfortable isn't a cop out. Some days, the best way to get creative juices flowing or the best way to help you focus is by wearing clothes that don't take much thought or fuss. On these days, I tend to favor a sweatshirt and leggings or shots, but if a coordinated sweat suit is your thing, that works too.

Working From Home: Pick Pieces That Make You Happy

Now that I'm stuck inside with no end in sight, I've found that it's mood-boosting to break out items that mean something special to me. It could be sentimental, or simply something I feel happy putting on, but if there's no need to get dressed for anyone else right now, this is one of the easiest ways to get dressed just for you.

Working From Home: Fake It 'Til You Make It

If you're feeling unmotivated and stuck, I suggest mixing things up and changing your ensemble to one you might normally wear to the office. Normally, I try to change up my location when I've hit a road block, but at the moment it's not all that easy to leave my tiny apartment. By shifting my perspective through clothing, it also helps to re-frame my head space.