The Best Fall Perfumes To Wear When The Weather Turns Cold, According To Reviewers


Those initial cold snaps have finally started to arrive, and you're officially layering up in cozy fall pieces to keep warm when you head out. But staying snug involves more than just your wardrobe. Beneath your statement jacket and insulating sweater, a warm and sensual fragrance keeps you feeling extra cuddled up as you brave the cold on commutes, at cocktail parties, and everything in between. Haven't swapped in a new signature scent yet? Consider picking up one of the best fall perfumes to complete your style this season.

Fragrance fanatics know the importance of switching up your scent, not just to suit your mood but also in accordance with the season. And though perfumes are a pretty personal decision — each expertly blended bouquet reacts differently on every individual's skin — it doesn't hurt to factor in countless five-star reviews when scrolling through your options. Thousands of other shoppers can't be wrong, after all, and it helps to have a guiding light to help you narrow down your search.

So if it's endless options that have turned you off from finding your ideal fall fragrance, consider this a really good place to start.

Iconic brands like Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Tom Ford have their takes on warm, spicy, and sexy scents — like Prada's longtime fan-favorite Prada Amber, $124, which reviewers love for its intense musky notes that meld with the wearer's own natural aromas, and Bottega Veneta's eponymous perfume, $123, that combines softer musks with the rich smell of leather for a subtly striking scent. Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum, $240, constantly brings in rave reviews for its opulent mix of rich vanilla and warm tobacco, which is ideal for cozying up to as the weather gets colder.

Maison Margiela's ’REPLICA’ By The Fireplace, $126, has over 30,000 "hearts" on Sephora's site and well above 500 five-star reviews for its smoky yet sweet notes that mimic a crackling fire, and Yves Saint Laurent's brand-new fragrance Libre, $104, is already gaining popularity for combining lavender with musk and orange blossom for an unexpected bouquet that's warm enough to wear this fall.

Cult-loved fragrance names like BYREDO and Le Labo also contribute their fair share of popular fall scents, like BYREDO's very Instagrammable bottle of Gypsy Water, $175, and Le Labo's well-known Santal 33, $189. Both rely on sandalwood at the base for a warm finish, with hints of spices and subtle berries or florals for complexity. There's a reason you see these two on your social feeds all the time — so consider them worthy choices this season.

Ready to warm up your fragrance collection? Keep scrolling for some of the best rated fall perfumes from around the web, below.