This Is How To Pick Out An Eyeshadow Palette Based Off Your Eye Color

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Just one swipe of eyeshadow on your lids can instantly make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. Though there's no right or wrong shade to choose, there are a few that complement different eye colors. And if anyone knows a thing or two about color theory and how to make your peepers pop, it’s a makeup artist. The best in the biz weighed in on how to find the best eyeshadow palettes for your eye color.

Whether you have blue, brown, hazel, or green eyes, the theory behind colors that enhance your eyes is the same. "Every eye color has contrasting and complimentary shades, the complimentary colors enhance the eye color, but the contrasting shades make it pop by placing color that make it stand out next to it," Beau Nelson, celebrity makeup artist who works with Nina Dobrev and Anne Hathaway, tells TZR.

And for application, when in doubt, grab both dark and light shades for an eye look that never fails. "When it comes to any eye color or palette my go-to tips are place the deepest shade you use in the crease," Colby Smith, celebrity makeup artist whose clients includes Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, tells TZR. "The most shine goes on the lid. The lightest highlight color should go on inner corner or tear duct."

To help you narrow down the eye shadow palettes that’ll best accentuate the windows to your soul, TZR called in a few celebrity makeup artists and their expert opinion on the topic. Below, find MUA-approved eyeshadow palettes to shop based of your eye color.

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Eyeshadow Palettes For Blue Eyes


"The opposite color of blue is orange, so anything in the world of that really makes the eyes jump out," Smith tells TZR. But there are a few other shades that'll make blue eyes sparkle, too. "I like using a taupe, cobalt, smokey gray, or matte black complimented with a creamy or reflective champagne accent color," Yolonda Frederick, Ciara's go-to celebrity makeup artist, tells TZR. "Blending a taupe, smokey gray or matte black shadow from lash line to crease and then accenting both the brow bone and inner corners with a reflective champagne color will set blue eyes ablaze," she adds.

Eyeshadow Palettes For Brown Eyes


"Brown eyes can universally wear any shades, but what works best to bring the eyes out the most are violet, purple, wine, turquoise, teal, sapphire, as well as gold and copper tones," Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks, celebrity makeup artist who works with Jennifer Hudson and Taraji P. Henson, tells TZR. "All shades of violet and purple bring out the truest tones of brown in the irises of the eyes," she adds. Consider combining both intense and subtle hues to create an easy look for brown eyed girls. "Use the darker matte shades in the crease and lighter shades on the lid," Ashley Holm, celeb makeup artist who works with Kim Kardashian and Kaia Gerber, tells TZR. "This technique opens up the eyes to create an optical illusion that makes the eye shape appear more cat-like and lifted."

Eyeshadow Palettes For Hazel Eyes

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"Hazel eyes have both brown and green shades in them, so depending on what tone you want to bring out, you can play with plums and violets, warm golds and golden greens, and red based bronzes," Nelson notes. But for a look that will take you under a minute to achieve, all you need is two shades. "Because hazel eyes already have a mélange of beautiful colors in them, you can simply go with a reflective olive color on the lid then add a hint of toffee to the crease for definition," Frederick explains.

Eyeshadow Palettes For Green Eyes


Holm suggests warm copper tones to accentuate green eyes. "Green and red are complimentary colors, she explains. "Copper, burgundy and cranberry shades bring out the color green." She says to first apply a warm brown shade to the crease as a transition shade. Next, grab a deep cranberry and apply it to the outer corner and place a light cranberry on the inner corner of the lid. To finish off, swipe a dark brown shade with a damp angled brush to line the eyes.

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