The $7 Drugstore Hairspray That Has Reviewers Raving

Not Your Mother's/Instagram

When it comes to hair styling products, you've likely worked out that there are a few you're willing to splurge on while there's others you'll grab up at much lower price points. A top-of-the-line purple shampoo is practically worth its weight in gold, for instance, while a budget-friendly barrel brush will certainly do for at-home blowouts. If a trusty bottle of hairspray holds prominent real estate in your hair kit, you may feel it falls into the former category so you can avoid cheap formulas that lead to crunchy, residue-coated tresses — but the best drugstore hairsprays out there are ready to prove you wrong. They'll have your hair in place all day while barely putting a dent in your beauty budget.

Hairsprays tend to have a notorious reputation for being tricky to get right, especially at bargain prices. Maximum hold formulas seem to often come with a seriously crunchy feel and leave hair with a yucky cast, while flexible iterations have your style falling flat before you take your mid-morning coffee break. There are a slew of drugstore sprays that get it right, however, and lucky for you they'll ring in during your next shopping run at well under $20.


Keep life in your locks throughout the day with a volumizing formulation like Not Your Mother's She's A Tease hairspray, $6.99, or Got 2b's Volumaniac Hair Spray, $6.49, which hold a 4.3 and 4.5-star rating respectively at Ulta and boast volume-boosting sprays that make sure your style stays bouncy. Spritz either at the roots for lots of lift, and mist all over to lock in the look.

Fans of maximum hold hairsprays should reach for Herbal Essences' Set Me Up Beautiful Bold Hairspray with Lily of the Valley Essences, $3.99 at Target, or L'Oreal Paris' iconic Elnett Satin Aerosol Hair Spray, $7.79 at CVS, both of which have raked in over 1,000 gleaming reviews each for holding every last hair where you want it (Bonus: Herbal Essence's crowd-fave smells amazing). But if you're after a softer, more flexible finish, Aussie's Mega Hair Spray 24-Hour Flexible Hold, $3.49, is a top-choice thanks to its jojoba and sea kelp-infused formula.

Having good hair should never be about compromise — so keep scrolling to find the best budget hairspray that'll still have your hair looking red-carpet worthy, below.