The Best Beauty YouTubers To Follow For Everything From Getting A Glow To Mastering A Smoky Eye

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Best beauty YouTubers to follow for makeup advice

While quarantine has provided an abundance of celebrities sharing their makeup routines via Instagram, there's still one holy-grail tutorial site: YouTube. The platform is chock-full of beauty advice, but to get what you want, you have to know what you want — meaning do you want everyday-glam tips or a full-on Elsa transformation? In the interest of saving you what could be hours of search time, ahead are 11 of the best beauty YouTubers worth following and what you can expect from their page.

Before diving in, though, it should be noted that most beauty YouTubers don't focus solely on one thing. So, if you follow someone for their graphic liner, there may be a chance, one of these never-ending days, they post a cartoon transformation (it cannot be helped). But all in all, people have their niche and they stick to it. Whether you want to work on your contour or find your weeks-worth WFH looks, keep reading for 11 beauty YouTubers that'll help take your makeup game up a notch.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Getting A Good Glow

If your skin has been looking a little dull, checking out Haley Kim will bring some light into your life (er, skin). No matter what video she's posting about — eyeliner tutorial, smoky eye, or spring look — each has a serious base glow to give you that coveted glass effect.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Drugstore Tutorials

Calling all beauty lovers on a budget: Meet Rachel Tyler, who does a drugstore beauty look at least (if not more than) once a month. Most of her looks are more on the minimal side, but there's something for those who like to dip their toes in bolder eyeshadow hues, like blue, every now and again.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Everyday Makeup

Some days you want the simple, get-me-presentable-but-still-hot looks and Allana Davison provides that. Her videos are more often than not centered around bronzed cheeks and eyelids with pops of color like orange and red on the lips. And bonus, right now she's posting a new video every day for May which means mega content.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Checking A Shade Range

There's no denying there's been a shade range problem in the beauty industry for quite some time. So, if you're someone on the lookout for brands that cater to larger ranges, want to know if certain hues will look good on your skin, and all-around simple makeup looks, you're going to want to follow Nyma Tang.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Mastering The Smoky Eye

Teni Panosian has a smoky eye look for just about every occasion. Whether you want golden shimmer, classic black, or punchy pink colors, there's a video for it — there's even a tutorial on how to achieve the look just with eyeliner.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Videos Tailored To Women Over 40

After being a makeup artist for over 20 years, RisaDoesMakeup started sharing her trade secrets on YouTube specifically with women over 40 in mind. Her videos are still modern (like a tutorial on how to get the trendy fox eye), but take into concern the different beauty needs of a mature woman versus one in their 20s.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: All-Out Looks

There's no doubt MakeupTiffanyJ will help you put your fake lashes, multiple color palettes, and glitter to good use. Her videos consistently skew toward bolder looks, like purple glitter and butterfly creases, so if you want to experiment or perfect multiple stand-out elements at once (like a lip, eye, and eyebrow), she's worth the follow.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Graphic Eyeliner

Floating liner and inner corner eyeliner is having a moment, and CutCreaser is your ticket to staying on trend. Whether you want a simple, flicked floating line or something more involved, like flames, she has a video for it. And if you're not looking to float your liner, the tips and tricks she uses can be applied to the traditional lash line as well.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: "Clean" Beauty Routines

With more than 1 million subscribers, SunKissAlba is a go-to for the clean beauty community. All the products she uses, according to her YouTube bio, are "organic" and "non-toxic." Along with highlighting her natural beauty regimes, you can also find ways to go "clean" in other aspects of your life on her channel (if that's of interest to you).

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Celebrity-Inspired Makeup

That Instagram photo you saved of your favorite celeb and their incredible makeup? Chances are Eman has a step-by-step tutorial for getting it. She tackles looks from Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and J.Lo so you'll be looking Insta-worthy in no time.

Best Beauty YouTuber For: Contouring & Concealing Tips

Perfecting your contour and conceal routine is a hard task, but Sagonia Lazarof is here to help you. She has dedicated videos to cutting your cheeks and jawline, various tutorials on how to make your lips look bigger, and, most recently, a video that shows how to apply concealer around your eyes for an automatic cat shape.