Bella Hadid Mastered Double Eyeliner On Her First Try & That's More Than Most Of Us Can Say

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Bella Hadid just debuted a DIY double eyeliner look on Instagram

Bella Hadid looks to lead an unusual life in quarantine — one that involves shoveling horse manure and planting lavender, then stripping down to next-to-nothing to model for Vogue over FaceTime. She hangs out with goats, bakes cupcakes, and plays video games and makeup has never had anything to do with it until Friday, when Bella Hadid debuted a runway-worthy double eyeliner look that she reportedly mastered on first attempt.

Save a few couture cameos, the 23-year-old's Instagram feed currently reads like a Pinterest board titled #countrylife. Unlike many her age, she hasn't taken to broadcasting makeup tutorials or dyeing her hair pink (yet) while social distancing. Instead, she spends her time climbing trees, getting her hands dirty, and doing the occasional photo shoot for Vogue Italia (no biggie). But her most recent selfie series exhibits a side of Hadid we haven't been seeing much of lately: in full glam and without a farm animal in sight.

"That's a double liner for you honey," she wrote on one of the Instagram Stories in which she shows off her handiwork. A comment she made to stylist Katie Grand revealed that it was the first time she had ~ever~ attempted eyeliner on herself. Like, what?

A double wing like this would take the average person an infuriating number of tries to perfect, but here she is mastering what has to be the most difficult eyeliner trick in the book on the first try.

"I've had the best teachers over the years," she said. One of them, Sam Visser, commented an approving "winna." Now that she cuts her own bangs and has mastered such advance makeup skills in quarantine, she may not even need a glam squad when she returns to the real world.

Hadid posted a timelapse of the entire beauty routine — using all Dior, who she's a makeup ambassador for — on her Stories, then proceeded to model her creation wearing a tube top and her signature hoop earrings. You can find the look (to use as a reference for yourself, maybe?) forever embedded in her Instagram feed, amid horse videos and cookie porn.